Studying these courses abroad could guarantee you a hefty starting package


The world may be in a tumultuous state in terms of changing markets and political structures, but this has not yet managed to deter scores of Indian students from seeking their higher studies abroad.

The number of students applying to universities abroad may have witnessed a marginal fall in numbers since talks of H1B Visa restrictions in the US, the prospect of minimum wages for immigrants in the UK, and the demonetisation in India. However, the overall impact of these measures has not triggered a drastic drop in the number of students hoping to seek their education overseas.

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According to a report titled ‘Indian Students Mobility Report 2016’, released by MM Advisory Services, “In the US alone, nearly 45% of international students are either Chinese or Indians. That's almost half the market. Canada seems to be headed that way too. In 2010, the percentage share for China plus India was 30%. In 2014, it was almost 42%.”

While many hope to enrol themselves in specialised programmes in these universities considering the dearth of these in India, others hope degrees from these universities will help them secure high-paying jobs once they graduate.

According to a joint research study by Rupa Chanda and Shahana Mukherjee, “An important reason for many Indians choosing to study abroad is the lack of good institutions in India and growing competition for limited seats amongst the existing institutes. Very few universities in India provide good quality education and thus the challenge of securing admission in them becomes more daunting each year.”

While the packages offered by different industries can vary, there are a few standardised courses you can opt to study abroad which are guaranteed to kick-start your career on the upper-end of the financial see-saw.

Data analytics

There has been a sudden upsurge of interest among Indian students and businesses towards the field of data analytics. According to a recent survey, student enrolment increased from five percent in previous years to 17 percent this time, with entrepreneurs making up for 11 percent of those taking up the course. With the rate of technological advancements and open-end access which it is bringing to the table today, the importance of examining large amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns, correlations, and other insights has increased fourfold.

Pursuing a data analytics course can take you straight out of college into the waiting arms of a dozen high-playing companies looking for candidates well-versed in the same. The countries which are most popular for offering specialised courses in this field are UK, USA and Ireland.


Opting for a specialised course in finance will definitely help you reign in a generous first package. The starting salaries in financial services like investment management, asset management, and broking are considerably higher than those in other industries. Traditionally, the most favoured countries for students to secure a degree in financial management are the US, Australia, the UK, Ireland, and Japan.

Computer engineering and IT

Bengaluru may be the land of opportunity for IT professionals in India, but overseas the options are just limitless. Pursuing a degree in computer engineering today can even land you in Silicon Valley. Even many in the startup ecosystem in India hail from an IT background. The best universities to obtain a degree in the same are based in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Germany, and Israel.

Corporate strategy

Given the level of competition that exists in the local, national, and international markets, the need for need for efficient corporate strategists shouldn’t come as a surprise. Corporate strategists enjoy a considerably higher starting package than those in other management positions. A degree in the field from the corporate powerhouses, America and Australia, will go a long way in securing your future.

While the world is in a constant flux, with opportunities abound for students in medicine, liberal arts and all kinds of sciences, there are a select few courses that offer a chance of pursuing a more financially stable future. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below!