3 ways to encourage an ownership mind-set in your employees


Employees today want to get their tasks accomplished by putting in minimum effort. If it's not your company, you are bound to do the bare minimum instead of going the extra mile to get things done in an efficient manner. It is this mind-set that employers need to change if they want to make their company prosperous. Show your employees that as the organisation flourishes, they too will grow professionally. One way to make your employees responsible for their actions is by cultivating in them an ownership mentality so that they put in their very best and not just the bare minimum. Here's how you can create an ownership mind-set within your employees so your company can gain great success.

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Make your employees believe that they are the ideal fit for the job

Instead of telling your employees what the company needs, show them why they are the perfect fit for the job that is being assigned to them. Avoid using phrases like ‘we're short-handed and we need you to double your efforts today’. This is the wrong approach. Instead, explain to our employees what the problem is and why you see them as a solution. Take their best skill set and apply it to the position you're grooming them for. Start by appreciating your employees for every task they do right, and never stop showing them why each one of them is the ideal fit for his or her job.

Let your employees know that they are good at what they do

Whether it's at home, school or at the workplace, people receive a lot of negative feedback at every step of the way. There is always someone above them who is telling them that they are doing a certain thing in a wrong way. No wonder so many people feel like they'll never be good enough. Keep telling your employees what their individual strengths are and why they are capable enough to get the job done. When someone is constantly reminded of their competencies, they make sure to step up and see their tasks to completion.

Start by accumulating small wins

If you set the bar too high right from the beginning, you'll never find someone willing to take the leap. Excellence is achieved over time, and you need to be patient with your employees to help them reach the ultimate goal you have in mind for them. Start with attainable goals and redefine success with each new milestone they achieve. It's futile to expect a new employee to do a job the same way a person with five plus years of experience would do it. As an age-old saying goes – you don't have to be an expert to start, but you must start to become an expert.

To make your business a success, let your staff know their positive qualities and make them see why they are the right fit for their jobs. By using the above mentioned three methods, you're sure to encourage an ownership mind-set in your employees.


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