Fun and work can go hand in hand at the office


Generally, working weekdays are so crammed with tasks that it makes one feel more like a mechanical robot than human. If productivity and innovativeness are to return to your establishment, then you should remember that fun and success go hand in hand. Here are a few measures you can practise at your workplace to ensure optimum enthusiasm and productivity from your employees:

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Let the workplace be challenging by nature

Steer your employees towards healthy competition. Split your sales team, marketers, advertising group, public relations department, etc. into two groups each. The competitive spirit will help your establishment comprehend customer needs in a much better manner. According to Jim McCoy, author of How to Align Employee Performance with Business Strategy, “Often, because employees are close to the customer, they can give useful feedback about what customers really value, help you identify metrics that truly evaluate performance, and tell you where there is disconnect between strategy and everyday reality.”

Productivity is essential

Even you would become bored with strict adherence to timetables, schedules, and organisational rules. There has to be some amount of flexibility and break in routine to keep your employees’ mindsets lively and productive. Of course, employees must complete allotted tasks, albeit with sensible deadlines in tow. Andy Core, a well-known author and speaker on work-life balance, wellbeing and peak human performance, has this to say: “The employees themselves are an investment, and like any investment, they should yield a healthy or worthwhile return to the company.”

Allow your workers to have work-from-home days, better breaks, flexible timings or change of environment for working, occasionally. The productive outcomes are bound to astound you!

Reward achievements with celebrations

True, bonuses, promotions, certificates, or raises for achievements are excellent rewards. However, celebrating an achievement is a different matter altogether.

Whenever a particular employee or a group has managed to fulfill a major organisational objective or help your company reach a much-desired milestone, organise a mini-party. It will help your employees to bond with one another and with the establishment even more. You could also emulate what Groupon does. The company rewards the work anniversary of every employee with a bright green, top-of-the-line Adidas track jacket. Star patches reveal the number of work anniversaries.

Breaks are important

It is quite inhuman to expect employees to remain at their desks for hours and hours together, without a single break. Do not be like other employers who view breaks as time-wasters. In fact, they encourage refreshing of minds, creative problem-solving and better concentration. True, the break should be within limits; they cannot treat it like breakfast hour or lunch hour.

Allot a separate room for breaks. It should contain light snacks, coffee/tea, and a few games that employees can play very quickly.

Socialise outside work

Occasional lunches, backyard barbecues, or picnics with outdoor activities should work wonders in bringing people together. You will gain healthy rewards in the form of improved team spirit, a collaborative work atmosphere, and better inter-office relationships. If you want an example, Hootsuite in Vancouver has one for you. Senior Director Noel Pullen initiated the Random Coffee break, wherein employees from one department mingle with workers from another one.

If you force employees to work like automatons without feelings, they will soon become bored. You might see a rise in sick leaves too. Therefore, grant your employees more trust and purpose in their working lives. Work should seem like fun, and not like work!


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