Wikipedia Co-founder Jimmy Wales to launch Wikitribune to combat fake news


Jimmy Wales, Co-founder of Wikipedia, the encyclopaedia giant, is all set to launch Wikitribune with the intention of battling fake news on the internet. This project will involve an all-open synergy between professional and citizen journalists, to cross check and approve various news stories. The professionals will do the research and reporting while the volunteers will handle proofreading and fact checking.

Image source: Mirror.Co

Wales came up with this initiative because of the disturbing prevalence of fake news. Facebook has also come up with projects like The News Integrity Initiative in collaboration with various other tech firms and NGOs, to fight the trend of fake news.

As per a report by CNET, Wales said,

This will be the first time that professional journalists and citizen journalists will work side by side as equals writing stories as they happen, editing them live as they develop, and at all times backed by a community checking and re-checking all facts. All the articles will be authored, fact-checked, and verified thoroughly.

Wikitribune, which is currently in the crowdfunding stage, is to be run as a non-profit organisation funded by donors at a rate of $15 per month. Anyone can access the site free of cost but premium members will have the option to suggest topics.

In a statement according to Fox News, Wales said that enough funds have already been raised to hire five professional journalists. He said the news on Wikitribune would be 'by the people and for the people.'

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