Ways to make an unforgettable first impression


Some people are unforgettable just by virtue of their charm, even though we have met them only once. They possess qualities that make them super popular. When it comes to establishing someone’s character, values, and integrity, we tend to connect through little cues. Even though we say that friendships are based on years of trust, by nature we tend to make snap judgements. This is why it is critical to put on your best self when you meet someone for the first time. Research says that trust starts in the first seven seconds of meeting someone. Here are ways to make sure you don’t mess up your first meeting with someone important:

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Eye contact

The one thing that shows your sincerity is how you maintain eye contact. Picture yourself talking to someone and the person constantly shifts his focus from you to the other people in the room. It is not that he is expecting someone, but the erratic eye contact makes the other person look insincere and untrustworthy in your eyes. You do not have to stare your way into impressing someone. Even if you are addressing a large group of people, make sure that while glancing through the crowd meet eyes with some people, let it linger, and then move on. It will put you at ease, and you will come across as an excellent communicator.

Listening intently to your partner

The time that you should use to listen to someone should only be used to process what they say and not what you want to say next. When you are in a ‘reply’ mode, you fail to give attention to the speaker. The façade of listening will be exposed when you try to reply to something and find yourself lost for words; the speaker will understand that you have not been listening intently. There is no reason to lose face when you can simply shut all other senses and listen. One more technique to be a good communicator is to repeat what the speaker said to make sure you heard everything to the T. Not only will it clarify what they said, the speaker knows that you are engrossed in what they have to say.

Don’t make it a contest

You don’t have to show that you are one up against the speaker. Getting into a competitive mode will only thwart the possibility of a conducive atmosphere to communicate. More often than not people will want to show off their skills unnecessarily. Instead, one should speak little but always leave room for more conversation. If the little that you speak is sensible, people will naturally want to know more about you. Talking about your achievements only when it is called for will leave a stronger impression on your audience. And remember, always be gracious in all your dealings.

Connect on a personal level

Forming a personal connection with people we just met is an art that can be hard to excel at. Make people open up to you about their deepest feelings and insecurities, and you are gold. But how is that even possible? Why would anybody tell you about their personal lives? Simple – people are dying to talk about themselves. The more interesting and witty your question, people are inclined to answer them more. When you have a personal conversation with someone, rarely do they forget. They will remember you more than the guy who tried to sell by using statistics and data mined from the best data analytics tool.

Making a good impression involves more than a handshake and exchanging visiting cards. It is about connecting on a deeper level. Make sure your partner enjoys the conversation with you and wants to meet you again. You might have only a short time to surprise, educate, and entertain your partner, and these strategies can help you do that.


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