5 tips for managing the digital workforce of your startup


If you want your organisation to expand, you need to come up with a unified method for hiring and retaining the best and brightest talent there is in the market. Today's tech evolution has resulted in leaders and managers finding newer ways to lead the modern day workforce. The digital transformation is changing how work is done across all business sectors and its giving birth to a new generation workforce who think and act differently from those who lead them. Compared to corporate giants, startups are more adaptable and therefore if there is anyone who can take on the world of contingent digital employees, it is them. Here's a list of five tips for expanding your business in the midst of global change.

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Know what your employees want and don't want

In today's digital economy, employees favor freedom over structure. They are weary of power games and micro-management and instead want the flexibility to pursue passions and income streams outside the four walls of their office. Research shows that an employee's intent to stay at an organisation increases 15 percent when they are rewarded with things that make life easier, like the flexibility of working from home.

Improve your organisational structure

Nothing makes employees put down their papers at a company faster than exhausting approval processes, teammates who aren't trained for the job, and no transparency. In order to keep your employees inspired, eliminate all forms of isolation and structure your company in such a manner that it closely resembles the free flow of information. Doing this will lead to collaboration, productivity, and high work morale.

Let your employees take on different roles

Companies need to give their employees an opportunity to take on new responsibilities and become crucial resources for management and decision-making. Today's generation places high value on personal growth. Employees of the digital age are willing to wear multiple hats just like their bosses and for this reason they need to be given fair training opportunities.

Communicate with your employees

Entrepreneurs need to understand, as surely as the sun is shining, that they need to connect with their employees. Leaders in managerial positions need to take time out to get to know the passions and pain points of their teams better. Only when your company puts a high value on communication will your brightest employees grow along with your company.

Allow your employees to get their own devices

The digital horizon is plagued with tech trends that include latest smart phones and tablets as well as software and security updates. Companies need to allow employees to utilise their own devices via cloud computing as remote networking will enhance work speed and productivity. However, make sure to guard your company data against security risks before allowing the influx of external devices.

Pay heed to the above mentioned tips if you want to successfully manage your work force in today's digital age. Give your employees the flexibility they crave and see your startup flourish like never before.


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