Namma Bengaluru may be the most health conscious city in India and here’s why


Flipkart recently released insights from online shopping trends across India, and based on this, Bengaluru turned out to be the second most health conscious city in the country after Delhi. While Flipkart’s findings were based on high demand for air purifiers and fitness bands, a collective health consciousness of a city is formed by more than just the products its people purchase.

The question is: what are a city’s people and its institutions – both public and private – doing that make it health conscious? As far as Bengaluru is concerned, here are a few compelling reasons which indicate why the city may be ahead in the game:

  • Bengaluru is hosting the country’s first #LetsMillet initiative that is set to increase awareness about and demand for millets. These wonder grains have nutritional values that are through the roof with high fibre content and low glycaemic index, which collectively combat modern lifestyle ailments such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, anaemia and hypertension. And as more and more people are embracing millets, this initiative also invariably uplifts farmers and their organic farming practices.
  • The Garden City houses more than 160 retail stores that exclusively sell organic products and over 400 modern retail stores with sections for organic food that stock all varieties of healthy flours, spices, and millets. Most of these outlets have a direct association with farmers and this absence of middlemen ensures that the produce is fresh, there is low wastage and the prices are reasonable.
  • Also growing in number are restaurants and cafes that serve only organic food for health conscious people. One notable example is The Green Path Eco restaurant founded by Jayaram HR, who has been setting an example for other health-conscious citizens through other ventures including an organic farm and a retail store.
  • Also known as the fitness capital of India, Bengaluru hosts more than 100 marathons each year, the highest among other cities. Other than the regular big ticket events, in 2007, Bengaluru spearheaded a first-of-its-kind initiative in Asia in the form of the Midnight Marathon. Since then, the event has seen participation from over 10,000 people in each edition, including foreign athletes.
  • Who says that having fun is out of bounds for those trying to stay healthy? Another first of its kind, the Biere Club in Bengaluru serves ragi beer. Brewed with over 50 percent organic ragi, this beer also has another healthy ingredient in the form of jaggery. Following this, several other pubs in Bengaluru have begun experimenting with brews made from organic millets.
  • The IT capital of the country has also recognised the importance of its employees’ physical and mental wellness. Corporate companies are tying up with yoga instructors to offer free lessons for employees either on or off campus. Yoga has seen growing popularity among the youth of the city as a reliable fitness regime.
  • Last, but definitely not the least, is the fact that Bengaluru has the highest number of startups in the health and fitness sectors. Gymmer, Cult, HappyHealthyMe, HealthifyMe and Tribe are some of the startups that are catering to Bengaluru’s health-conscious residents.

Bengaluru is clearly blazing the path for others to follow in taking India towards a healthier future.

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