3 easy ways to get a new employee up to speed


How many of us have been scarred for life owing to bad onboarding experiences? While some individuals said that they were greeted by unpleasant colleagues on their very first day, others said that the desk and computer they were made to use on the first day held strong remnants of people who had previously used them. Human Capital Manager Practices interviewed 390 professionals in the fall of 2016 and found that 50 percent of the interviewees they spoke to reported that it took a minimum of five months for the average new recruit to reach full productivity. This statistic can be attributed to a poor onboarding process which is one of the factors why employees don't last too long in a company. Here's a list of three simple tactics to ease the load for a new hire and help him hit the ground running.

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Ensure your potential hire fits the company culture before hiring

When you hire an employee who already blends in with your company's culture, it makes it easier for you to help him understand and absorb the organisation's mission and vision. If your new employee feels that there is a difference between the culture he desires and the culture that exists in your company, he needs to be provided guidance and brought up tospeed. Managers should start by showing new recruits their value in the organisation and explaining to them why they are the ideal fit for the job. When employees understand how their role will have an effect on the overall business, they are more likely to make necessary adjustments.

Make the new employee accountable for his actions

It would be wishful thinking to expect a new employee to perform all his job responsibilities from the very first day, but he can be brought up to speed on where the employee before him left off and what his immediate duties will entail. One way to do this is by pairing a new employee with a mentor or a 'buddy' who introduces him around the office and helps him stay accountable. This assigned buddy can set a few goals that the new employee needs to work towards to get started in the company.

Help the new employee get to know his colleagues

New employees often struggle to get to know their colleagues and build a working relationship with them. Developing a comfort level with co-workers takes time and doesn't happen overnight. To help your new employees develop valuable workplace relationships, 'ice-breaker' activities can be conducted during the lunch hour. These activities introduce the new hire to the people he'll be working with by establishing a relationship based on honesty and trust with them. When employees don't feel comfortable reaching out, it can lead to bigger problems down the road.

The above-mentioned tactics will not only get your new employees up to speed on their role in the company but will also reduce the employee turnover that occurs as a result of a poor onboarding experience.


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