Sales outsourcing 101 - 3 companies you should put your money on


Today, companies of all sizes are outsourcing a variety of functions for which they don't want to hire an in-house team. Outsourcing is rightly gaining popularity all across the world, as it serves a dual purpose for companies reaching out for these services. Firstly, it helps save large amounts of time and money behind hiring and training an in-house team, and secondly, it gives companies access to top-tier talent. From HR to IT, almost all services can be outsourced today, and this has led to a whole new industry of companies to supply the necessary outsourced talent. When it comes to specifically outsourcing sales, the following three companies have emerged as leaders in offering solutions to businesses that want to grow their sales using outside assistance.

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Revana creates a personalised buying experience for customers by employing real-time aggregation tools. This outsourcing sales organisation does this by leveraging a company's contextual data to determine definitive customer touch points, such as mobile, vocal, social, or chat. Revana then goes on to fill any consumer experience gap those channels contain so that client companies can easily acquire, absorb, and develop various kinds of customer relationships. Revana has so far received outstanding results. According to, Revana's AQ360 offering secured a Gold Stevie Award in the new marketing solution division, and it also won gold in the 'sales operation team of the year' category, as it helped a shipping manager recruit 250 new sales agents in just two weeks.


Marketstar has spent decades perfecting its stance in the sales industry. Along with offering outsourced sales and marketing solutions, it also understands and evolves with each client's market requirements. Marketstar does this by remaining at the forefront of ingenious, outsourced sales approaches. This company works with large organisations all around the world by adhering to a service model that addresses four important areas that make sales outsourcing effective. The four factors are – insights through data collection, people, training, and technology that includes efficient tools. Over the years, Marketstar has managed to deliver a comprehensive process that has helped its clients increase their sales volumes considerably.

Sales Partnerships

Sales Partnerships looks at the sales outsourcing practice as an extension of a company rather than an independent entity. Today, the company symbolises over 100 different sizes and types of organisations as it offers a seamless feel to everything that it develops and implements for its clients. Sales Partnerships has created a reputation for supplying one of the most inventive and productive outsourced sales solutions available. It's also distinguished itself by setting up outsourced sales teams speedily while still allowing clients to maintain a stronghold over certain aspects. It also makes use of a comprehensive range of technology and processes to personalise the sales programmes it operates for clients.

Companies across all industries, irrespective of their sizes, should outsource sales strategies, as it can be a game-changer for your sales results as well as your company's bottom line.