5 templates that'll make writing the perfect LinkedIn summary a breeze


Writing the perfect LinkedIn summary requires zeroing in on the goal you’re looking to accomplish from being on the network. As a platform, its benefits are multifold. But as a mechanism for networking, you need to get your game on point when garnering attention towards your profile. If you’re interested in recruiting, employment, business development, or even networking with your peers, your profile summary speaks volumes about you even before you get a chance to say hello. Therefore, setting the right context is paramount.

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Viveka Van Rosen, an influencer I’ve been following since her rise five years ago, is one of the most effortless LinkedIn experts I’ve had the fortune of getting to know. Viveka recommends that the following objectives are made clear before proceeding with anything on LinkedIn:

Are you getting business from LinkedIn?

What metrics are you using?

What baselines do you have to substantiate your ROI?

Are you getting business directly or indirectly?

Are you keeping notes regularly about where your leads are coming from?

On the softer side of things, many marketing experts including Kate Reilly recommend that the persona of the individual shine above all things. The authenticity and the clarity in communication is key when it comes to LinkedIn summaries.

Here are some great templates to up your LinkedIn game considerably:

A) The fresher template: This template is typically used by freshers who want to get a job as quickly as possible, and want to broaden their horizon while being eager to contribute to the organisation. A blend of professionalism with tones of expertise in your summary is the best approach.

“I’m an MBA from XYZ University, with a specialisation in information technology and an average GPA of 3.7/4. Looking for a great opportunity with a mid-large size firm where I can contribute towards upcoming technology innovations and manage key projects that impact the organisation as well as broaden my scope of learning from the organisation’s team members.”

Then you’d ideally want to describe your experiences, your course work, any internships, etc. as well as add as many keywords relevant to HR recruiters as possible.

B) The lead-generation template: If you’re in a sales, marketing, or BD role, you know the importance of lead generation. It’s the bread and butter for many individuals whose commission-based compensation is resonant with their active reach. If you’re interested in making your LinkedIn summary stand out, make sure to follow the three-step advice personal branding expert William Aruda gives:

Step 1: Set the scene. What do you want your leads to know about you? What call to action would you like to elicit from them? What areas do you want them to specifically focus on?

Step 2: Gather content. Numbers, stats, figures, experiences, past presentations, references— whatever makes you seem more relatable, reachable, and reliable.

Step 3: Put it all together. Add all your information in a concrete yet cohesive manner where every paragraph has a purpose behind it

C) The thought leader/investor template: This would be a template for a Mahesh Murthy or Seth Godin type of individual who has a thought leader-focused approach to LinkedIn, building his/her tribe, and creating networks within the industry that benefit them as a whole. The importance of clarity, communication, and skill is best demonstrated by this Gary Vaynerchuk talk at the LinkedIn speaker series.

A great template would be something on the lines of: “Investor/speaker/entrepreneur creating impact in the manufacturing space across the globe. CSR Initiatives: CRY, TFI, Pencils for Promise.” Who you are must shine through to attract better talent, better engagements, media notifications, and more clarity for members of your tribe. Here’s Gary Vaynerchuk’s LinkedIn summary as a great example

It makes little sense to have a long-winded LinkedIn summary. You must have a goal in mind before executing on what it is that you seek from LinkedIn. Whatever it is, you must have a clear summary that dictates where you want to be in your professional life.


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