Secrets from top entrepreneurs on hiring the best talent


Hiring and retaining the best talent in any industry is now tougher than ever before. The one problem that most entrepreneurs and team leaders face today is bringing onboard a skilled workforce. It is no secret that a well-trained and experienced team of employees can lead any business to the heights of success. The entrepreneurs who understand this and don't compromise when it comes to hiring the finest talent manage to scale their business quicker than their competition. Through this article, we present to you the secrets of a few prominent entrepreneurs on hiring the best talent. Read on to let yourself in on the secrets.

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Tai Lopez (Investor and advisor) – Recruit friends of your top talent

You might not know how to reach out to the right candidates, but your employees are most likely to have friends in the industry who are either unemployed or looking for a job change. You can tap into the best talent by asking employees to refer their friends and give monetary awards to these employees when their friends last more than three months in your company. This works as a win-win situation for all three parties involved.

Grant Cardone (Founder of 10X Growth Con 2017) – Ask your candidates to send you a video

Once you have skimmed through the resumes sent to you and shortlisted a few applicants who you'd like to get to know better, move on to the next step. However, before calling these candidates in for an interview, ask them to send you a 60-second video on why they think that they are the best fit for the position. For example, for a sales position, you can ask the candidates to sell you a bottle of water through a one-minute video. This intermediate step will give you clarity on whom to call in for an in-person interview and whom to reject.

Craig Handley (Co-founder and CEO of ListenTrust) – Values trump experience

Your candidate might have just the right educational qualifications and experience for the job, but if their values and morals don't align with that of your company, you'll realise in no time that you've made a hiring mistake. Therefore, it's always smarter to ascertain if the applicant's desires are in sync with the company culture so that there is no grief later on. You can accomplish this by asking them a series of set questions that will reveal their innermost hobbies and desires.

Rafe Furst (Co-founder of CrowdFunder) – Take your time to hire

It doesn't hurt anyone to take the hiring process slow, as recruitment managers will vouch for the fact that hiring in a hurry does more harm than good. Hiring slowly gives the manager as well as the candidate the opportunity to get to know each other's work style and gives both individuals an insight into how the opposite person handles pressure and resolves problems. It's also a good idea to get to know your prospective hire in a social setting, to understand who they are beyond their work persona.

Wait it out if you're not too sure about the applicants you've interviewed instead of hiring in a rush. Keep the above tips in mind while recruiting the next time around and you won't be disappointed.


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