Traits that make an exceptional salesperson


Often, managers find it difficult to find that one salesperson who can make the cut. Sales is a mandatory part of several businesses. Achieving targets, tracking numbers, and handling a team are crucial parts of a sales project. It’s not a job everyone can do. Not only does one need to be wary of the timelines and targets, one also needs to be careful about the soft skills used. If you are lucky, you hit the bull’s eye, and if you are not, then you might even lose your job!

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So how is it that some people just seem to have that knack for sales? Is it their charisma and wit? Or is it their ability to get that perfect pitch across? Let’s find out.

Being a good listener

Successful sales people listen because that is what will get them to the right customers. Customers want to be heard. Their feedback should be valued to help in other parts of the business development. Moreover, being a good listener also improves patience. One can’t be a good salesperson if one isn’t willing to wait for weeks, probably even months, to turn that pitch into a tangible business.

Listening to one’s gut

It is often what you truly think is right that gets you where you want to be. If you do not rely on intuition then maybe you are in for danger. Listen to your gut feeling in case you are in a dilemma. Most of the time, you make the right decision this way.

Choosing the right data

Collecting the right data and interpreting it helps in external and internal matters. Developing a pattern and coming to meaningful conclusions helps in building businesses externally and internally as it gives good insights about sales.


Sales leaders are good team players. They know that all the targets and customers cannot be reached without working in coordination and sync with their teammates. Such leaders are modest and bring the entire group to the forum and give them the credit they deserve. When in doubt they do not hesitate to take help from the team.


The best salespeople want to know what made the customers buy their products or services, and improvise accordingly. They want to get insights on how the customers feel. In short, they never stop learning.

Emotional connect

Business is all about building relationships, and hence you need empathy to connect with customers and clients. Understanding their needs and deriving pain points is essential in both the domestic and international markets.


Successful salespeople look into the actual matters and do not waste time in gossip and unnecessary matters such as Facebook timelines and group messages. They know they have targets to meet. They set goals for themselves and try to achieve them in the best possible way.

So now go hit that deal right away!


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