YES FINTECH Accelerator: A peek into the innovations that will define the banking of tomorrow


As one of the fastest growing economies in the world, India has a relatively evolved financial services ecosystem in place. That said, there are enough challenges that both banks and customers face on a regular basis. Meeting customer expectations and keeping pace with advancements in technology is not an easy task, after all.

This is exactly why YES BANK has taken the ART– Alliances, Relationships and Technology – approach. The banking giant has partnered with some of the best fintech firms for the YES FINTECH Accelerator, to deliver innovative banking and financial solutions to its customers.

The 11 startups that were selected for the 15-week programme come from various domains in the fintech space. Their innovations will aim at laying the foundation for digital and hassle-free banking that promotes the growth of a cashless economy. It’s only been a few weeks since the programme started and the participants are already in the thick of learning and innovating. So, who are the chosen few looking to disrupt the world of fintech?


AnyTime Loan:

The Hyderabad-based startup promises disbursements of loans within minutes to both individuals and SME’s alike. Its digital lending platform will allow the bank to complete lending activity within a few minutes. Interestingly, they are primarily targeting non-bureau customers without a credit scoring. In the 15 week program, ATL is integrating innovative credit scoring mechanisms including social scoring, with the existing framework. Not only will it make banking easier, it will also provide credit access to erstwhile excluded customers.


This Singapore-based startup has teamed up with YES BANK with an aim to make cash available beyond just ATMs and bank branches and enable consumers to utilize the facility of cash withdrawals at retail merchants . Additionally the platform can also help to geo-tag cash positions enabling ease of cash handling and logistics.

FRS Labs:

FRS Labs is a Bengaluru-based startup that has partnered with YES BANK to prevent frauds using facial biometric solution. The startup, which specializes in biometrics, is working with the bank to create a seamless KYC and customer on-boarding for the bank


With an aim to ease cyber authentication processes, Authme will help the bank replace passwords with a unique pattern technology using AI. Together with YES BANK, the startup is working on a use-case to revamp the multi-fold security layers within the consumer banking interface, and move the focus to behavioral authentication instead.


A Y-Combinator alumni, RedCarpet accesses available user data and allows people to avail a loan without any credit card or bank details. With the help of YES BANK, the company is creating innovative scoring models that’ll make lending easier by using a combination of social media and spend pattern mapping. Currently they are working on insta-credit for students


Based in Mumbai, the company’s main objective is to provide capital market solutions to securities and broking businesses. Rupeeseed and YES BANK plan to address all customer queries on stock prices and shareholding via bots and extend reach to the inactive clients by sending relevant insights. They are also introducing health scores and analytics on client holdings, to identify stocks on various parameters like valuation, growth prospects, stability, etc.


A mobile-based payment solutions startup, Click&Pay aims to facilitate cashless and secure transactions for customers. Their use-case focuses on easing the process of collection of payments between vendors and clients, by enabling a direct two-way interaction. This means that vendors can send invoices to clients via social media, as long as they have embedded payment links with the UPI integration for instant transfers.


A Bengaluru-based startup, Signzy uses digital signature and AI technology for identification, background checks, forgery detection and contract management systems. Together with YES BANK, they are revolutionising the documentation within banks by making various processes digital. For example, issuance of a bank documents will be done via an online portal, based on pre-approved formats and vetting of documents through AI.


With YES BANK’s help, this Gurugram based startup is creating a unified dashboard, which will integrate day-to-day banking within core business workflows for simplifying tasks like tracking expenses, managing payrolls, syncing data, making payments, etc. for small businesses. Furthermore, the team is also working closely to create GST based solutions which can enable access to clients supply chain and GSTN through Numberz. provides plug-and-play solutions for companies to build powerful chatbots that can reduce retention costs and make customer acquisition easier. In collaboration with YES BANK, the startup is building an AI-based bot to automate processes .The bot will address queries on tasks like buying and selling of shares that interest the customer, viewing portfolios, getting quotes on shares, etc. This bot is also being customised for Rupeeseed’s platform to reach out to new customers and inactive clients.


PayKey is an Israel-based startup that enables banks to provide their users with peer-to-peer payment options through social media platforms. The solution revolutionizes the payments process, enabling users to perform banking transactions via the application on Android, using an English language keyboard including other features like bill payments, balance enquires among others.

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