5 tips to furnish a startup office


Today, even startup offices are designed to incorporate pretty-looking kitchens, ping-pong tables, and huge LED screens that display real-time data. While the above things can definitely add an edge to an office's decor, the question that really needs to be answered is whether or not this kind of artwork encourages productivity. In their quest to break down the traditional ways of doing business, startup entrepreneurs opt for spaces that allow and encourage a free-thinking attitude. While startup founders focus on making their business a success, they also need to ensure a good office design, as no one likes to work in a drab and boring workspace.

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Here are a few simple tips to help you furnish a startup office.

Open floor plans

Gone are the days when employees worked in their personal cubicles. Today's employees like to move around and strike up conversations with their colleagues even while they work. This is why open floor plans are a great modern office design. They not only encourage transparency, but also a collaborative work environment that boxed-in cubicles can never provide. When employees work together in open areas, they become more accessible to one another.

Personalise your office design

Your office design should be a reflection of your company's personality. For example, if you are a digital media startup, your office can be furnished with bright colours and quirky furniture. Brand your office with your logo and choose colours that complement your corporate visual identity to cultivate your own unique work culture. Also, allow your team to customise the office with their own art and objects to cultivate a sense of community.

A creative corner

Working eight hours a day can get tedious, and can also have an adverse effect on an employee's health. To provide a respite from staring at a computer screen all day, startups can set up creative corners, where they can place yoga mats, adult colouring books, or even lots of bubble wrap. When you allow your employees to relax and just be for some time, they will return to their work rejuvenated.

Keep it professional

Sure, go ahead and have a ping-pong table. But don't keep it in the center of the office. You don't want your employees to dedicate more time than necessary to fun and games. While it is good to have a cool work environment, you also need to maintain a formal image. Make sure the activities you include in your office space leave your employees recharged, not distracted.

Light and ventilation

Nobody likes to work in a space that is completely packed. Maximum use of natural light and proper air circulation can make your space look brighter and boost employee productivity. Every startup should also consider going green, installing furniture made from sustainable resources and incorporating other design elements that can help reduce carbon footprints.

Above all, ensure that your startup design spells comfort and elegance, not only for the sake of your employees, but also for your clients and stakeholders, who are bound to pay your office a visit at one point or another.


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