3 ways to cultivate a healthy curiosity


Curiosity is a vital component for success. If an individual is not curious, he will rarely possess the ability to discover something new. Employees across all sectors are drowning in monotony and harbour little to no will to go out of their way and learn something new. If nothing is done to rouse the curiosity of today's working generation, innovation will suffer greatly.

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One of the main reasons why curiosity is lagging in today's workspace is because of common managerial mistakes that leaders unknowingly commit. From not encouraging a problem-solving attitude among their team to not motivating employees to enhance their existing skill-set through new ventures, leaders need to alter their behaviour if they want to stir their employee's curiosity once again. Here are three ways a healthy curiosity can be cultivated:

List the questions you want answered

Often, when we don't know or understand something we see it as a failure on our part. What people need to understand is that one cannot know everything about everything. If you are faced with a question that leaves you stumped, take it as an opportunity to learn something new. You might not be in a position to seek answers at that very moment. It is for this reason that you should maintain a book where you can jot down questions so you can come back to them later. As author Todd Henry says, “Give yourself permission to not know things. Some people see ignorance as a point of failure, but successful people see it as acknowledgement of reality and an opportunity for growth.”

Alter your perspective

There will be times when you find yourself stuck on a project and the way ahead will evade you and leave you frustrated. At such times, it will do you a world of good to see things from a different perspective. Several people put artificial limits on their tasks by making assumptions. It is always wise to challenge our preconceived notions as doing that can lead to innovation.

Carve out time to rouse your interests

There will always be work, but unless you wish to become a robot that lives life by the nine-to-five pattern, you need to make time to indulge in tasks that will make your curiosity stir. Activities like reading a book and watching a movie will introduce you to new things that will not only provide a welcome break, but will also present you with new situations and items to contemplate. This will rejuvenate you and help you strike a perfect work-life balance.

Curiosity is the key to creativity. It will help you deliver your best work and lead a positive and meaningful life.


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