How do you ensure your popularity at work?


Wouldn’t it be nice to be greeted by the people around you when you enter office? How would it feel if you walked all the way up to your desk and started work without even being noticed by your colleague who sits beside you? You might wonder if you are invisible.

Then you notice that one person who could be voted ‘the most popular’ hands down. The charm, the friendly attitude, the smile are all contagious. That’s when you may realise what it takes to be popular. Now by popularity I do not mean to be part of a gang and become the group leader who is always very loud and bold to get noticed. In an office environment, the term ‘popular’ could mean a lot of things. While it is important to work hard and do quality work, it is also necessary to ensure that you aren’t a person to be neglected and considered a bore. If people don’t appreciate you, there are chances that they might not want to work with you. This will also hamper any positive opinions about you. You will need to collaborate and take help at times. In such situations, getting to know people and ensuring you are around will surely help.

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Think about how you could increase your popularity around you:

Be approachable

Be a part of team lunches and outings. Talk to people around you with a smile on your face. If you avoid speaking to people and just get engrossed in work, people will get a negative impression and stop involving you in discussions. Even worse, there might be times when you would like to give your opinion about a certain subject and no one will even bother to consult you. So be friendly, maintain eye contact, and always be pleasant.

Avoid office gossip

Gossiping about others in office makes you a negative person. It will also make others wonder whether you are doing the same with them. Talking behind people’s backs is the first thing that will make you unpopular. Never initiate this habit.

Be a good listener

Everyone seems to be always busy and running after deadlines. Most of the time, people do not have time to stop and listen to what others have to say. Be that person who listens to others’ opinions and offers to help if needed. Even if you do not help, your colleague would just want a listening ear to be spared.

Hold your head high

Hold your head high and be proud of how you are both as a person and as a professional. Being confident and believing in yourself shows that you are reliable and trustworthy. Before you attend a meeting or presentation, do some self-talk or jot down what you like best about yourself. This will bring out the best in you.

Promote others

Wherever possible, allow others the opportunity to grow as well. It will all come back to you someday. Think about how you would feel if someone rooted for you. It’s the same with others as well. Giving an opportunity to a truly deserving person shows the goodness of a person with a big heart.

Be genuine and generous

If you really feel someone has done a good job, compliment that person, and be genuine about it. Appreciation is also an art and it encourages people. It makes people feel valued. In case you have nothing to say then don’t say anything. But always make sure you are generous with your compliments. You never know how it makes someone’s day.

Happiness counts

When a person is really happy, they don’t have to tell people about it. It just shows. Spreading happiness and being positive is the foremost requirement to win people’s hearts. So relax, smile and encourage others to do so too!

Remember, life is not just about how good you are at your job. The relationships you build can be far more important in the long run.


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