How to gamify your mobile app successfully


Has your mobile app got thousands of downloads within the first few days of its launch? Instead of reveling in the success of your app, you should create strategies on how you are going to prevent users who have downloaded your app from uninstalling it. The simple way to keep users from uninstalling your app is to gamify it. Gamification can be easily defined as developing game like features on your non-gaming app to make it more interesting. Everyone loves games. If you can gamify your app smartly, you'll manage to keep your app users engaged and satisfied. Here's how you can do it:

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Make use of leader-boards

If an app has a leader-board that shows a user that he is a top-scorer, he is bound to keep using the app. However, leader-boards don't work miracles on their own. Only if an app has something good to offer to its users will the users want to follow the leader-board. Leader-boards encourage a competitive spirit, and users will have to be hooked to the app to be at the top of the leader-board.

Give rewards

This is by far one of the simplest ways to encourage users to keep using your app. When you have rewards in the form of points or anything that users would want to achieve, they are going to keep coming back to your app to gain more and more rewards. In order to gain a reward, all users have to do is complete a simple activity. Uber is one of the best examples of an app distributing rewards as it gives its frequent riders discounts on their next rides.

Challenge your users

When you give your users a challenge to fulfill, they will automatically be pushed to win the challenge, which will increase your app usage tremendously. If the challenge is really interesting, users may refer your app to their friends which will increase downloads. Starbucks challenged their users brilliantly. They asked their app users to check in to five different Starbucks outlets in a month and their sales skyrocketed in that period.

Host quizzes

If you're posed with an interesting yet simple quiz while using an app, you're bound to want to prove yourself by answering the questions correctly. If app developers make sure that the questions are engaging and related to their app, they've won half the battle. A recent survey has revealed that quizzes get shared a minimum of 1900 times. Quizzes are therefore a smart method to increase interaction with your app users.

Give badges for accomplishment

Giving out badges is similar to giving out rewards. When you provide your users with virtual badges on completing certain tasks on your apps, your users take it as a challenge to achieve more and more badges. This results in great app engagement. If users flaunt their badges on social media, it can lead to more app downloads.

Use the above mentioned five tactic to successfully gamify your non-gaming app. Gamification will not only make your app more engaging, but it will also result in an increase in the usage of your app and lead to more downloads.