How you can get through a job you don't like


At one point in our career, we've all worked at jobs and companies we didn't like. Some of us still do. In an ideal world, everybody would have a job they loved. But we don't live in a perfect world, and more often than not, we need to continue doing jobs we don't like for various reasons. Some of us do it as we need the money to sustain ourselves, while some others do it because they aren't getting any better opportunity. Whatever be the reason, it is important to maintain your sanity while you deal with job responsibilities that are not to your liking.

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Here are five ways you can get through a job you don't like:

Make the most out of your current position

Whether your boss may be the devil incarnate or you consider the work you're doing beneath you, no matter how badly you feel about your job, your feelings should not deter you from giving all you have to the tasks at hand. When you put in your best efforts, you will come to enjoy your work more, even if you don't plan to continue the job for more than a few months.

Try to bring about some basic changes

If you're unhappy, it is likely that your supervisors and co-workers are unhappy too as no one likes to work with a grumpy person. Have a one-on-one conversation with your boss and tell him what parts of your job make you miserable. If it is within your boss's power to make the changes, rest assured he will gladly do so.

Keep your search on

If you're desperately looking for a job change but you can't quit your current job till you find a new one, keep your search going. But do so discreetly. Small tasks like mailing your resume to potential companies or coming across a new opening will serve as a silver lining. Continuing your job hunt on will also remind you that your current situation is temporary and this will keep you going even when you don't want to.

Find small pleasures at your workplace

Find something that you enjoy about your work and cling to it as it will give you something to look forward to. Be it lunch time with your favourite colleagues or learning a skill from a co-worker that interests you, inject something you enjoy into your daily routine to make each passing day easier.

Decorate your work-desk

Whether you love your job or you hate it, you should decorate your desk to suit your personal taste as that's where you spend eight hour a day for a minimum of five days a week. Plenty of research has proved that your work environment has a direct effect on your mood and level of job satisfaction. Even a beautiful picture of where you wish to travel next can do the trick.

Implement the above mentioned tactics to make your work place more tolerable. Focus on the positives while you hunt for a new job and you'll land your dream job sooner than you think.