3 simple ways to improve the quality of your experience at work and life


Most people are sleep-walking through life. Like zombies, they encroach the streets, offices, and our homes. Why is it so? Why are people not awake? What determines wakefulness? The answer in simple words is – your willingness to have a conscious experience.

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Answer these four questions to know whether you are living your life in a maze of daze or in sharp lucidity:

Q1. When you come out of a theatre after watching a film, do you remember it for its bikini-clad women, its muscle-heavy, gun-blazing violence or for its contradictions?

Q2. When you are singing a song that you have learnt by heart, are you conscious of understanding it by heart too or are you just parroting rhyming words?

Q3. In a conversation with friends, are you a listener who doesn’t have much to add, or a speaker who wants all eyes on himself or herself or the discerning participant who directs the course of the conversation towards a place of learning and understanding?

Q4. When you go for a vacation, do you spend more time with your phone than yourself?

Your answers will open new doors to self-knowledge and will enable conscious experiences. As an entrepreneur, you can use the following tools to improve the quality of your experience.

Don’t bite more than you can chew

According to an article on Entrepreneur, “It’s just easier to commit and follow through successfully if you keep your goals simple and clearly defined. Start small and work your way up. Don't jump into a marathon headfirst if you need more exercise.”

Honesty (to oneself first) is the best policy. If you find yourself taking up extra work and more clients that you actually can handle, you’ll only have yourself to blame for the consequences. However, if you are objective in your assessment of commitment, you’ll be able to deliver without stress.

Develop habits. Make them count

Following good habits can enhance the quality of your life. And to do this, you have to eliminate bad habits and create good ones. Habits put us on the treadmill of discipline, consistency, and delivery. Habits like drawing or writing every day keep our intuition-led right-brain in good shape, while solving Sudoku or crossword puzzles keeps the intellect-led left brain active. With good habits, you can develop a balanced brain that will help you work with care, create with purpose, and nurture with reason.

Engage with people

Human beings have an innate urge to communicate. Sharing is a part of who we are. Whether it’s sharing knowledge or extending care, we love to engage with other human beings. Communication is a natural physical and mental need. But in these times of Artificial Intelligence and perhaps synthetic sentiments, we have digitised communication too. We can no longer feel, touch, or sense the presence of our loved ones, often because of work overload. Such compromises have made us grow colder and uncertain among real people. In digitising our relationship with the world, we have created many a Berlin Wall between us and others. Needless to say, our experiences are now defined by the number of likes and shares and not by healthy conversations.

How you experience this reality is directly related to how you wish to experience it. If you wish to experience its truth, you will be rewarded with what you seek. If you wish to experience its deception, you’ll be misled. If you wish to stay unaffected, you will be driven to maddening loneliness.


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