Oachira Parabrahma temple: the humble home to abandoned elderly people in Kerala


Oachira Parabrahma temple, in Kollam district of Kerala, is now home to more than 350 elderly men and women who come from extremely poor backgrounds. After struggling and sacrificing throughout their lives, bringing their children up and marrying them off, they have been left with nothing to their names. Few of them never had any property and others gave everything to their next generations. Moreover, some do not even have ration cards to their names.

Image source: The News Minute

These people need our utmost support, especially at this age, and Oachira Parabrahma temple is helping those who have been abandoned by their children. The corresponding committee, that takes care of the temple's operations and its premises, provides free food twice a day to the destitute senior citizens who live inside the temple and one meal a day to those who live outside. The devotees, who frequently visit the temple, ensure the committee has surplus donations and funds.

The committee has also made itself responsible for providing free clothing and healthcare. Free treatment is given at their own Parabrahma Multi Specialty Hospital, which is just around the corner. The committee is hoping to construct a housing committee too, considering the rise in the number of the abandoned elderly people.

Gopinath, an advocate by profession and the secretary of the temple administrative committee, said in a chat with The News Minute,

The number of destitute people finding asylum in the temple is increasing every year. We are planning to construct a new building to house more people who are now living on the temple premises.

Apart from this, the Committee wants to build a graveyard for those who pass away. Presently, people who pass away in the temple are buried in a nearby vacant land.

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