These are the types of push notifications that users absolutely cannot resist!


The whole world, as we know it, has shifted to a certain hand-held device called the smartphone so much so that we spend more time interacting with our mobiles than any other object and sometimes other humans too! So, as rightly understood by many, brands have to respond to the changing needs of the time, making themselves more accessible for users on their mobile devices.

In a world where we now decide what we should do or shouldn’t on the basis of “alerts” that we receive in the form of push notifications from our apps, brands can’t help but pour in their resources to master the art of crafting the perfect kind of push notifications for their users to consume, of course to avoid the fear of being forgotten!

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These types of push notifications will help both you and your customers.

The encouraging ones

Studies show that health and fitness app have the lowest opt-in rate for push notifications, not because people are lazy and they don’t want to work out, but simply because their push notifications are a lot shameful for anyone to like them. Self-compassion and forgiveness help us correct negative attitude, so, trying to guilt your users for not doing something will only make any health app’s goal of helping users to attain perfection an impossible feat.

The solution? Consider giving your users the options to take a break, which also applies to other categories of apps like dating, online shopping or health. Instead of dropping a shameful notification commenting on their absence from the app, let them determine when they want to return. Become a positive influence for change.

The one that helps you out…just a little bit

This one is especially for those globetrotters who lives life in transit. As a person running errands or just being busy, it’s easy to lose track of the minute details like flight reminders, hotel check ins, check in-check out hours, etc. Personally, I am a huge fan of the MakeMyTrip push notifications, simply because they remind me where I need to be and when, ahead of time, so that I do not forget it! For the creators of such push notifications, their entire focus should be on generating value for their customers.

The ones that keep us posted

Live order tracking has become somewhat of a trend now, especially with food ordering apps. I like to order food online, and really like to know how far my food is and let’s just assume that is the case with everyone! Swiggy with its “tasty food en route” is one such app that keeps you posted with push notifications once the live order tracking starts!

The ones the gently reminds

Smartphones were successful in doing one thing, reduce our attention span and thanks to that, we now can’t focus on one job at a time, not in real world or in the virtual world. Jumping in-between multiple tabs, we often forget what we came there for. Notifications that act as a gentle reminder to “pick up where you have left” are a great example for push notifications, because then you do not have to stress about things you have to do.

Today’s marketing world is all about generation user interaction with an app and these kinds of notifications will help you get there. So while creating these notifications, make sure that you stick to the basic guidelines which are:

  • They shouldn’t be disruptive to your users.
  • They keep your users informed of the things they want to know.
  • They’re thoughtful without being clingy.
  • They encourage users – and don’t shame them.


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