This couple ditched the big fat Indian wedding and donated their savings to charity


These days, most of the weddings we see are grand and lavish. However, Manoj Patil and Sarita Laykar decided to do things differently and get married in a low-key ceremony. Manoj and Sarita are both police sub-inspectors, although they are posted at different locations. They tied the knot on April 28, 2017, at Narsobachi Wadi, a pilgrimage site in Kolhapur district of Maharashtra. The money that they saved was donated to charity.

Image Source: The Hindu

Having a big fat Indian wedding has become a trend these days, and everyone feels the pressure to make their wedding as grand as possible. However, all such plans were tossed aside when Manoj met Sarita unchaperoned for the first time. They had met before only as prospective matches along with the family. The idea was proposed by him when they had met alone just a few days after their formal meeting. While speaking about this with The Hindu, Sarita said,

Manoj called me two days after he visited my house with his family, and asked to meet. Curious, I agreed. I was left astonished by what he told me as I, too, have grown up seeing lavish weddings. He left it to me to decide how our wedding should be, and when I put the idea to my family, they liked it too.

Manoj, who has grown up watching extravagant weddings, developed a dislike for them quite early on in life. He is also completely against the dowry system, which is an accepted norm among Maratha families. When he met Sarita, he made his views on both completely clear. While talking to The Hindu about his view on the illegal practice of dowry, he said,

I have three older sisters, and I have seen how much effort my parents put in for their weddings. I was clear that my wedding would neither be lavish nor involve dowry. My father, a retired serviceman, supported me.

After taking the decision to go ahead with a modest, low-key wedding, the couple pooled in their savings to donate to charity. According to The Better India, they had overall savings of Rs 2 lakh, with each contributing Rs 1 lakh. A sum of Rs 50,000 was given to a school in Dewle village, and another Rs 50,000 to an organisation that helps farmers, Naam Foundation. Another Rs 50,000 was given towards various other causes, including a public library. They are still left with Rs 50,000, and are trying to figure out the best way to donate it.

Manoj and Sarita gave plant seeds as a return gift to their guests and encouraged them to plant them in a place that they think most suitable. This couple indeed proves that it is not important to have a grand and lavish wedding to be happy and share their joy with others.

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