5 signs that your job may be at risk


Everyone wants and craves for job security. Nobody likes the idea of suddenly losing out on their steady stream of income. At some point we've all doubted if we are going to lose our jobs. Sometimes it is due to factors that aren't in our control, like financial trouble within the organisation, and sometimes it is due to our own deteriorating performance. Whatever may be the cause, it is always best to be able to recognise the signs of when your job is at risk. Here are five sure-shot signs that your job is in jeopardy:

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You are no longer asked to join important meetings

When the axe is about to fall, managers no longer see the need of having you present at important meetings that are held to finalise on crucial decisions. Also, if you're going to leave, your boss doesn't want to let you in on any confidential company information. It is for this reason that you stop receiving invites to important meetings held in your company.

Your responsibilities are suddenly downsized

While a natural ebb and flow of work and projects is nothing to be majorly concerned with, you need to worry if your teammates are getting new projects while you are being deliberately left out. Reduction of authority, being assigned less meaningful work, and being demoted are all tell-tale signs that you are going to be handed the pink slip very soon.

You experience a shift in your boss's behaviour

If your boss hardly replies to any mails that you send, doesn't receive your calls, or doesn't meet with you as often as he used to, you need to maybe freshen up your resume. If he's always been aloof and elusive, you have little cause to worry. But if he's avoiding you all of a sudden, you need to understand that he is trying to escape you and take the easy way out. Similarly, if he turns unfriendly or critical and doesn't show any interest in small talk, it would do you good to take the hint.

Poor reviews and feedback

Is your boss constantly sending you messages pointing out errors that can cost the company? Is your performance review less than average, and are you regularly being reminded to up your game? If you're receiving more criticism than ever and there is no positive feedback coming your way, then you can be sure that your job is at risk.

You are made to feel invisible

When your management and colleagues start avoiding you like they would a sinking ship, you can be sure that an impending professional doom is on the horizon. If you suddenly feel like it wouldn't matter if you didn't show up at all, you should start to worry. When your projects and business plans become the lowest priority for your company, take it as a sure-shot sign that your job is at risk.

If you have spotted the above signs in your job, try to talk to your boss and ask him for clarity. If that fails, update your resume and start hunting for new opportunities.