Why teaching is more important than selling in this age of information


If you've ever created content for marketing purpose on the internet, you'll know that content creation in today's date is both an energising as well as a tedious task. On the bright side, it's amazing to live in a time where one can express their thoughts and feelings openly on the internet. There are no restrictions or any sort of censorship for the most part. You can start a blog tomorrow and publish to your heart's desire for free and no one's going to filter your content before it goes live. On the other hand, the constant creation of content on a daily basis has led to an increase in mindless content being published and rarely does anybody consider the quality of their content before posting. This has changed the face of marketing completely. Instant access to online content and social media has replaced hard sell tactics and long form sales letters.

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Teaching is the new marketing.

Slice through the human paradox

There is a paradigm shift in marketing in today's age of information. Customers and clients are not mindless faces or robots and they like it when their intelligence is respected. They are real, breathing human beings. They have a mind of their own and they love buying, but they equally hate being sold to. The simplest way to slice through this human paradox is to educate a person about a certain product or service and to let them decide whether they want further information on the subject. Every marketer's goal should be to provide value regardless of how the customers respond.

Start treating your customers as students

When you begin to treat your customers as your students, you will change the way you think about them, and this will better your rapport with them. When you have a better relationship with your customers, it eventually leads to increased sales. There are several benefits to regarding your customers and clients as students instead of rupee symbols. The most immediate benefit for both parties is a softening of the interaction. A small shift in attitude can make you a better marketer. This is a win-win situation for both parties because the marketer gets his sales and the customer buys his desired product.

Change your mind-set

Marketers need to change the way they perceive their clients as well as themselves. Altering the relationship from business-customer to teacher-student is a huge shift that will make you care for your clients better and they will care for you in return. Every time you engage with a customer, your first thought should be to provide them with information that will enhance their lives instead of trying to simply make a sale. Whether or not they buy from you, they should walk away knowing more than they did before interacting with you.

When you bond with your customers on a deeper level, you'll have a much higher conversion from prospect to customer which is a win-win situation for both parties involved.


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