3 things to not do when you hate your job


It so happens sometimes on the career path that an obstacle presents itself in the form of a job that you cannot stand. It perhaps could be a tough boss, or a series of boring projects assigned to you unjustly, or lack of support from the team, or lack of growth prospects, or just the old, obnoxious back-biting politics. Such times put us in a vulnerable state, testing our nerves, and even creating an unhealthy self-doubt if we show ourselves to be made of weaker substance. The truth, however, is that such low points in our career can be used as a bridge or portal to enter the next level of growth. Will testing times make you, or will they break you? Here are three things one needs to avoid in order to come out stronger on the other side of a bad patch.

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Never let yourself be demotivated

Waking up on time to face another day with a job that you hate can be unnerving. But that is the first hurdle you have to face and overcome every single day of your dark times. If you're not alert, then laziness and depression will creep in stealthily to pitch a tent and torment your life. During a bad patch, it would be a good idea to replace the reason for waking up – say a DIY project that you involve yourself in for a few hours in the morning would do wonders to keeping your sanity and confidence unharmed. Starting the day with an invigorating activity for both the mind and the body will charge you up to face even the dullest of days.

Never let your mind be muddled

Your mind is your weapon. If you let it get muddled with fear and confusion, you will be left unprotected and defenceless. However, a bad patch is full of fear and confusion. The only way to deal with this is to confront your fears and clear your confusion. Fear can have power over you only when it is left undefined. Formless fear engulfs its victims and chokes them. But when you define your fear, you will be able to accurately pinpoint the causes leading to the fear. When you can see the causes, you will have the power to banish the fear and move ahead.

Never take your work troubles home

The days propagating work-life balance are long gone. Today we live in the absurd times when ideas like work-life integration are proposed and discussed without an iota of common sense. Not being aware of this silent shift in the work-life topography, or not questioning the unsound nature of such a proposal shows your submission and subscription to this outrageous idea. It's good for your overall health if you can manage to keep the experiences at work, both pleasant and unpleasant, away from your personal life.

A bad patch on the career path can help build character. Keep a clear mind and take a balanced approach between going on with the current routine and looking for new opportunities. The storm shall pass soon. But the strength and the lessons from the experience will stay on with you as long as you live.