What makes a great Facebook status?


Facebook is constantly evolving, and your status updates should evolve as well. This brilliant social networking site is no more in its infancy. Facebook has the best minds working on it day-in and day-out to make it a one-stop destination for all the social media geeks out there. One month its photos that help you gain maximum reach and engagement, the next month its links. For most of us, the changing trends are hard to keep up with and in our haste to employ all the tools that Facebook provides us with, we take our status updates for granted. This is a grave mistake as status updates are one type of posts that always do well on Facebook. Here are five simple steps to help you write creative, engaging, and unpredictable status updates.

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Keep your updates short and relevant

Nobody wants to repeatedly read how boring your work is or how little sleep you get each day. Instead, try to make your statuses fun, witty, and out of the ordinary. For example, instead of writing ‘I just ate an amazing muffin’, try writing something like ‘My body deeply regrets the amazing muffin I just had.’ Keep your status updates short and engaging.

Use your status updates to ask questions or seek advice

When you ask questions through your status updates, you attract people who like to share their thoughts and opinions with others. The answers you get in your comments section are interesting for others to read as well. For example, you status update can be something like ‘The cab driver refused to take me passenger for the most weird reason. If you've had a similar experience, I'd love to read about it.’

Focus on positive news

Everyone likes to read positive and uplifting news updates. If you have good news of your own or of your friend's to share, make it your status update. Sharing hilarious anecdotes, good jokes, or friendly banter will make people sit up and take notice of what you've written. If your status update manages to make even one person smile, you'll accomplish your day's goodwill through it.

Make your updates mysterious

Nothing can grasp a person's attention like a bit of mystery. If you can inject a little intrigue into your status updates, you'll encourage friends to ask you what's going on. You can tease your friends with daily countdowns or knowledge of hidden facts. However, make sure not to overdo it as nobody wants an attention-seeking individual on their timeline.

Write about things that people love

Some topics that are guaranteed to get you a response from your friends are music, desserts, sports events, and the like. You can even write about a cause you're passionate about. When you discuss topics that people love, you are bound to get their attention easily.

Don't restrict yourself to status updates alone if you want to engage with people. Mix your status updates with photos, videos, and live streams to get maximum interaction from your friends.