Being an entrepreneur is not just for young people


Whoever says entrepreneurship is only for young people doesn't know what they are mumbling about. Entrepreneurship is not limited to an age bracket or a generation, if you have a strong knack for business and the inclination to see your idea to fruition then you are more than qualified to join the bandwagon. Age can never be considered a barrier for ambition and the same goes for starting your own business, rather one can always come of age when he\she decides to take the plunge.

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While there are always stories of whizz-kids starting the next big thing even before they cross adolescence, entrepreneurship is not age-dependent. It is not just for school-dropouts or college graduates. If you have a unique business idea and the grit to see it through, being a forty-something shouldn't be a hurdle.

Here are three major reasons on why age can't be a hindrance to entrepreneurship:

With age comes a better network

When you have around 15 to 20 years of work experience under your belt, you've already amassed a wealth of knowledge. All these years of toil have helped you develop an excellent sense of judgment, hence you can distinguish between the go-getters from the thumb-twiddling slacker population at first glance. As you move between jobs and projects, you recognize who you work well with. Unlike newbies, your network isn't limited to your family and handful of friends. Being an entrepreneur requires you to build a great team and it is only with years of knowledge that you understand the cogs necessary to make your venture a success.

Wide pool of experience

While young people have a fresh mindset, as a veteran you have years of experience to boast of. All those years in the trenches comes handy here, when you have to rope in investors, as you can navigate them through your idea and the specifications without breaking a sweat. With thousands of meetings in your armoury, investor meets would be another day in the park as you know the field and that brings about credibility to your venture. Plus the insight on changing trends and observations from past mistakes puts you miles ahead of your young counterparts.

Utmost diligence towards executing plans

A business idea without proper execution can nosedive into a disaster. And an idea without any sort of execution at all, will remain just that - an idea. The years on the resume aren't just numbers, they bring with it industry knowledge, experience and professionalism. Plans are executed like clockwork, be it where to start, what to focus on and where to allocate funds. All of the above factors are extremely essential to shape a plan and get things going. Cause with age comes foresightedness, keen awareness of where to start and diligence.

Just as entrepreneurship doesn't have a minimum age, it doesn't have a maximum age either. All one needs is a working business idea and the determination to scale the success la


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