Ajeetha Begum takes charge from her husband as the Commissioner of Police


Ajeetha Begum and her husband Satheesh Bino are in the news and not for the first time. Last year, they were in the news for being the first couple in the history of Kollam to be responsible for law and order in the district.

After a reshuffle in the police department, Satheesh became the Police Commissioner when his wife was the Rural SP for Kollam. During the transfer, she told the Deccan Chronicle,

“The transfer will make our life easy professionally too. Being the heads of two units under the same district, the administrative aspect will be easier as we share manpower and other resources between the units. This will help us tackle issues efficiently. Apart from that there will be unity in delivering the service as both of us are in the same district,”
Image: (L) –The News Minute (R) – Deccan Chronicle

Fast forward one year and Ajeetha took over as the Commissioner of Kollam district from her husband who has now become the District Chief of Pathanamthitta. Both these incidents created a lot of buzz as it is not every day that we come across a cop couple, let alone those working in the same district. Both of them took training together and hold the same rank.

In fact, it was during the training that they met and fell in love and have been married for five years now. Ajeetha is known for taking a lot of initiatives to curb eve-teasing and molesting in the districts she worked in the past. For her, this new district is like any other she worked at in the past and she wants to concentrate on women and children's issues along with putting an end to drug dealing and reducing accidents. The police department is one where not a lot of women have held high-ranking positions compared to men. Talking about her experience, she told The News Minute,

"I can't say that gender doesn't play a role. I've been in service for the past eight years. Personally, I haven't faced a situation where someone has treated me differently because I'm a woman. I've never experienced that in my life. But within the police department, there are officers of various ranks, so if you compare this with the life of a woman constable, she will have a different perspective altogether. I have an insight about it—they are not treated equally or on par with their male counterparts..."

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