Andhra Pradesh Govt recruits ISB graduates as executive assistants to district collectors


The Government of Andhra Pradesh is now recruiting graduates from the Indian School of Business (ISB) to appoint them as executive assistants to collectors of the districts in the state. Twenty-one students have been offered these roles until now, this year.

Image source: Deccan Chronicle

While some have been appointed to work with district collectors, others will join in strategy and planning areas of various departments of the state governments such as Information Technology, Brand management of Andhra Pradesh, Financial Technology, Tourism, Infrastructure, Textiles.

According to a report by ISB, the quality of hiring in the institution has improved a lot this year when compared to previous years. A total of 92 offers for senior leadership roles and global leadership programmes were made which include several CXO level positions. Several of these offers were made to women students as well. Axis Bank alone, which runs its ‘Women Leadership Programme’ at ISB, has made 30 offers, up from the 18 last year. Around 20 international companies have made 73 offers so far.

Last year, the Andhra Pradesh State Government made offers to 11 postgraduates of ISB, appointing them as 'Chief Minister's Fellows' who assist the government in strategic planning and policy implementation with respect to Quality of Education and Child Nutrition. These offers were made with the help of the Andhra Pradesh Economic Development Board (APEDB).

According to Indian Express, a government official from Andhra Pradesh State Government said,

Fin-Tech is the fastest growing sector, and Andhra Pradesh is keen on promoting it. We need people with excellent leadership and strategy skills, so this year we offered roles to students of ISB.

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