Why should I hire you? 5 awesome answers


All candidates should view the process of interviewing as a sales pitch. If you're looking to land your dream job, you need to be able to sell yourself convincingly during the course of an interview. In addition to impressing your hiring manager, you need to persuade him to invest the company's money in you. Your resume plays an important role in getting you an interview, but once you're at the interview table, you need to prove to the interviewer that you are the one they are looking for. Several confident candidates find themselves at a loss for words when faced with the question – why should I hire you?

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Here are five awesome answers that are sure to get you hired.

You are willing to learn

Companies today want to hire professionals that are receptive to training and gaining more knowledge. Having previous experience is an added bonus, but if you assure your hiring manager that you are willing to develop new skills or learn new methods of working, they will probably give you a chance to prove yourself. To support this answer, you can give an example of how you learnt your existing skills from scratch at your previous company.

You are a good communicator

How you communicate during your interview will give your interviewer an insight into how you'll communicate with your co-workers and seniors once you're hired. Use your communication skills to inform your hiring manager about your exceptional abilities and at the same time demonstrate a rapport that is in sync with the company culture. When you interact with ease, your comfort level will show and this will work in your favor.

You are a team player

You might have exceptional skills but if you prefer working in isolation, there's a good chance no company will want you on board. If you want to be part of a culture, you need to work well with others, share their knowledge and respect each individual's contribution. Cite an example from your past work experience on your ability to comfortably interact with staff members at all levels to prove you're a team player.

You are flexible

There will be times when you'll have to juggle multiple assignments all at once or you'll have to work odd hours from different locations. If you've worked flexibly in the past and you're willing to do as at your next job, communicate the same to your hiring manager. When your interviewer is aware of what you bring to the table, he will consider hiring you over your competition.

You embrace change

At the rate technology is evolving, companies are searching new and different ways to stay relevant amidst all the change that's happening. If you are able to deal with change swiftly, efficiently and assertively, you need to convey it to your hiring manager. If you can perform in an ever-changing atmosphere, you've developed a skill interviewers are desperately looking for.

When posed with the question 'why should I hire you', show your prospective employer how you've mastered the above-mentioned skills. If you stand out amongst the legions of applicants, you'll be in a better position than ever before.


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