How to attract the perfect hire


Whether you’re looking for a CEO or an intern, there are certain things you can do to get the perfect hire. The job market has become highly competitive and employees come with a barrage of expectations. This could overwhelm you as an employer when you are trying to increase the size of your workforce. The success of your startup depends entirely on how your people perform, which is why it is essential to put your heart and soul into attracting talent.

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In this time and age when information about every aspect of a company is so easily available, people are picky about which ones to apply to. Let’s say if there are one or two things wrong about your company, you might not even have a bunch of CVs to filter because people do not want to work with you. This is why the way you communicate is of prime importance.

So what can you do to recruit the best talent?

Be clear about the employee profile you’re looking to fill::

Think about who the ideal employee would be. What are the skillsets, knowledge, and abilities someone working for you should possess? What sort of experience do you think one should possess before applying here? Put yourself in the shoes of a prospective employee to see how someone looks at your company when they apply here. What do you need to change to attract the best talent?

Pique the interest of your prospective employee:

When you sell your brand to a prospective client, you have the best interests of your startup in mind. The same way, you need to be showcasing your best when it comes to prospective employees. Be authentic when you put out your brand message, vision, mission, and values to the outside world. Show what you stand for and never be apologetic about what you want to achieve. Familiarising your internal team with your vision and mission statement is important too because once they know what the company stands for, they would realise the kind of employee you want to attract.

Use technology:

There are a lot of niche career websites that give you the best talent. Use them to your best advantage. Narrow down the qualifications as much as possible to get the best talent. Create landing pages with a quirky offer to get a lot of enquiries for the job. As an employer, you need to stand out to showcase yourself as an excellent company worth working at. Don’t forget to make sure that your company’s website is optimised for mobile as most people use their mobile phones more often. Attract prospective candidates with contests in a tie-up with other brands.

Is there good content about you floating about the internet?

Do you have the kind of content that will pull prospective employees towards you? Are all your social media accounts showing you as a good employer? Are there enough case studies to show your body of work and your versatility in working with different clients? You never know, one of the reasons for someone wanting to join your startup would be that they absolutely love your weekly newsletters.

Do you have your entire employee life cycle planned out?

It is imperative that you have your entire life cycle for an employee planned out, from their orientation to exit interview. Investing in such a schedule will reduce your attrition and give you a high ROI. The right people for your business will come to work with you. A company should clearly lay down expectations and a support system to ensure that there is a hassle-free transition from being a new employee to becoming an engaged one. There should be a performance management system that doesn’t disappoint employees. Even someone who is committed to your business might want to leave for better pay or for greener avenues—you should have an established exit interview strategy that allows their dues to be cleared and complaints to be taken care of.

Hiring a good team for your startup directly affects your bottom line, which is why you need to invest time and money on getting good hires. Give yourself an edge by employing the best in the business.


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