Hindus and Muslims unite to complain against loudspeakers of mosques in Bareilly


Few residents of Premnagar, both Muslims and Hindus, have reached out to the local administration to lodge a complaint against the loudspeakers used by seven mosques in the town for the wake-up call for 'Sehri' at around 3 am every day on the occasion of Ramadan.

Image source: Rediff

In response to this complaint, the local administrative authorities have stepped up and decided to speak with the administration at these seven mosques, requesting them not to use the loudspeakers or mute them entirely. As per the rules and guidelines of the Supreme Court of India, loudspeakers cannot be used anywhere in the country between 10 pm and 6 am.

According to an interview report by Times of India, Alok Kumar, the additional district magistrate said,

I have instructed the superintendent of police (city) to investigate the matter and take action in accordance with the Supreme Court's guidelines. Either the loudspeakers will be uninstalled from the religious places or the caretakers will have to play them in a low volume.

 According to Business Standard, Maulana Shahabuddin, a Muslim cleric has said,

Islam does not allow creating disturbances to anyone. Therefore, the mosque will make arrangements so that loudspeakers are judiciously used to alert people about the 'Suhoor' timing.

Defining the right to sleep as a fundamental right under Article 21, the Supereme Court had said, "Sleep is, therefore, a fundamental requirement without which the existence of life would be in peril. To disturb sleep, therefore, would amount to torture, which is now accepted as a violation of human right."

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