How to bounce back from a demanding week


Sometimes work is slow and at other times you go through your week at lightning speed. When you've had a slow week, you're grateful that you had a breather. But when you're working round the clock, it can get tough to continue being productive. Here's how you can light a fire under yourself when you know you need to work but you can't muster up the motivation. I swear by these four tips that always work wonders for me. Try them out and you'll see the difference.

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Change your work scenery

It can get tough being productive when you're surrounded by the same four walls of your cubicle and you're seated at the same desk that you were seated at yesterday and the day before and the day before that too. Switch up your scenery by working from a nearby cafe or from your home for a change. When you make slight changes in your work environment, it boosts your willingness to complete your tasks. If you're unable to move out of your office, move to a meeting room or another work table to regain some focus.

Change your posture

Slumping in your chair and staring at your laptop with disdain will do you no good when you're trying to find the motivation to keep yourself productive. Instead, sit straight in your chair and you'll find your mind flooded with positive thoughts. Make it a point to get up from your chair and walk around every hour. When you do this, you not only rouse your body but also rejuvenate your mind as you walk around and make small talk with your colleagues.

Pick one task to complete

When you're already low on energy and motivation, completing a mountain of tasks may give you the idea of running away from your job and never returning. It is, therefore, best to tackle one task at a time. Don't try to multi-task as you will start a bunch of things you will never finish. Those unfinished tasks will haunt your brain and make you all the more unproductive. Instead, check off one task at a time and regain your zeal step by step.

Keep a time-management tool handy

If you're low on motivation right at the beginning of your day, assign realistic time limits to each of your tasks. Additionally, separate each task by breaks so you have time to recharge yourself before you get working on the next task. When you do this, you know when your day will end and you can work towards the end goal. Use this time-management method not only when you're down and out but also on your best days to gain maximum productivity.

Work can get incredibly demanding at times and you need to have a strategy in place to keep yourself from burning out. Use the above-mentioned four tactics to regain your mojo when you're feeling like you're down in the dumps.


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