Here is the trick to professional success


There's always an unfair, almost deluded, assumption regarding creativity, that its limited to the hands of a very few. Such misconception categorizes business leaders and entrepreneurs as mere mechanical entities. A fallacy indeed.

In the words of American dancer and performance artist, "Creativity is not just for artists. It's for businesspeople looking for a new way to close a sale; it's for engineers trying to solve a problem; it's for parents who want their children to see the world in more than one way."

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An entrepreneur's proficiency isn't limited to just delegating and management of resources; handling of dynamic market conditions and work force requires that stroke of mastery and even genius. Hence, creative ideas and problem solving skills are and will always be the necessity to get the ball rolling for an entrepreneur and a startup.

You'd always have your detractors and people who are wary of creativeness, but they shouldn't be the deterrent to your imagination. It is true that leaders must exercise some form of discipline and control on the team; but at the same time there should be space for creativity to bloom.

Simply focusing on practical plans for a long time without any change coupled with a few skills for crunching numbers would get a company nowhere. So allow creative thinking be a part of your board meetings.

According to Aaron Palileo of Bootleg Innovation Design

“Creativity = Differ + Deliver + Delight”

Turn your company into a successful and creative forum through these steps:

Need of a Creative Environment

A creative workplace has many perks attached to it. Creativity turns the workplace into a fun and interesting working platform. Employees feel that they have been given their space to put in their creative ideas, and hence do not feel pressurised. The monotonous work environment changes into something dynamic and worthwhile. Board meetings become forums for creative problem solving..

Such a work environment caters camaraderie and makes people genuinely happy. They feel their voices are also heard at their workplaces, which leads to higher levels of self-satisfaction among employees.

The Millennial Survey 2017 shows that 76% of companies with a creative work culture tend to have better and higher levels of productivity.

Refrain from Unhealthy Competition

A very important point to remember is that a company must refrain from comparing its success with others. Other companies must not be a benchmark for your productivity.

Creativity inspires individual effort and fails to bloom if there is unhealthy competition. Hence, comparison is not healthy.

Providing work-life integration

Innovation can be practised in a company only when employees are allowed a proper balance between their professional and personal lives. It ensures flowing innovation and better work quality.

One such simple step is to allow flexible work hours. A flexible system of working works provides support and more liberty to the workers. This further brings in creativity and more passion into the work at hand.