5 Principles for developing a workplace culture that works


Developing a corporate culture is a multi-step process. As an entrepreneur, you are in charge of the well-being of your business. The well-being of your business is directly related to the happiness of your employees. If your employees share a comfort zone with each other and there is balance and harmony in your workplace, your company is more likely to thrive. Several corporations fail to compete in the marketplace because of poor work culture. A unified vision is a must if you want to encourage your employees to achieve strategic goals and increase profits.

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Here are five principles to help you develop a work culture that works.

Good work ethics

Work ethics are nothing but your company's values that offer a set of guidelines on the mindsets and behaviours needed to achieve a unified vision. They form the core of an excellent work culture. Whether it is adhering to the highest professional standards or putting your client's interests ahead of your firm's concerns, good work ethics is the foundation an entrepreneur lays that dictates how clients will be served and colleagues will be treated in the company going forward.

A clear vision

Dr Willie Jolley once said, "Without a vision, people perish; but with a vision, people flourish." If you want to be an entrepreneur that creates a thriving work culture in his company, you need to have excellent foresight and a vision that other people believe in. The vision you create should be a beautiful blend of your company's mission, beliefs, and values. It should be something your employees partake in as only then will they strive to achieve it.

A stringent hiring policy

If you want your company's vision to thrive, you need to hire people who believe in your vision. Instead of simply recruiting people based on their experience, bring those people on board who will buy into your vision. This is because skills can be taught but passion has to come from within. It is impossible to build a coherent work culture with people who don't embrace the same values as you do.

Develop an interactive environment

An interactive and informal environment is an absolute must for a great company work culture. There are several ways in which such an environment can be cultivated. From having open-office floor plans to having a gaming room where employees can gather to blow off some steam, employee engagement can be achieved through various inexpensive means that don't cost a fortune.

Power of execution

Power of execution is nothing but setting the above mentioned four principles in motion. From having your vision in place to creating an interactive environment, if you don't have a strategy to execute the above principles, all your planning will fall flat on its face. The more your investors and employees are in sync with one another, the better your execution will be.

If you have a thriving work culture, your employees are bound to thrive with it. Use the above mentioned five principles to create a coherent culture that clients and investors will want to associate with.


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