Eight freelance websites you can turn to for an extra buck


Freelancing is fast becoming the favored choice of earning a few extra buck on the side. And what’s not to love about freelancing – you can work from anywhere and earn a decent living. Except perhaps the fact that although finding jobs online has become easier, it’s still erratic and non-perennial. We’ve got you a list of eight effective and useful freelance websites to help you find a job or two.

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Over the years Upwork has mushroomed into one of the most preferred sites among freelancers. It boasts over 1.5 million clients and has provisions for both short and long-term projects, hourly or per-project work as well as expert-level and entry-level assignations. The projects offered on the site cater to every type of freelancer, it’s indeed one of the most sought-after websites among freelancers.


Essentially, Guru connects individual clients and companies to designers, developers, accountants, administrative professionals, writers, translators, marketers, and legal specialists. Unlike a few other websites, Guru’s platform lets freelancers advertise themselves to clients who can select workers before communicating the details of their projects. Guru remunerates on an hourly or flat-fee basis.

Smashing Jobs

It’s a part of Smashing Magazine and can be best described as the Craigslist for freelancing techies. In essence it offers an enormous list of freelance tech jobs and can in fact be used by those looking for full-time opportunities as well. Apart from a massive inventory of designer jobs, you can be rest assured to find several developer jobs too.

The Mashable Job Board

Here’s another website that caters to freelancing techies globally. Some of their best-known clients are MTV News and Omaze. You can search for freelance jobs in the keywords to find the appropriate listings and who knows you might be able to add a popular name to your portfolio, an advantage that often passes by most freelancers like a ship in the night.


This website specializes in linking third-party clients with freelance designers, photographers, multimedia producers, writers, consultants, administrative professionals, IT workers, architects, engineers, and accountants. iFreelance lets you create your own postings as well as browse and bid for listings posted by its roster of clients. Additionally, it requires you to create a digital resume that sheds light on your skills, experience and compensation requirements.


Coroflot's core specialty is to help freelancers in search of creative jobs anywhere in the world. If you are a web designer or someone adroit in developing or other tech-related jobs, you are sure to find something of use here.

Authentic Jobs

With its mission carried forth in its name, Authentic Jobs is perfect for finding contracts/projects, or even moonlighting jobs from companies around the world. You can choose projects as per your area of expertise in categories ranging from project managers to backend developers to content strategists.


One of the oldest in the business, 99designs caters to freelance designers who submit plagiarism-free work in response to client-generated briefs. The type of work you can expect to get includes everything from corporate logos to book covers, digital advertising materials and screen prints. Interestingly, 99designs positions every job/brief posted as a contest, where an unlimited number of designers can participate over a seven-day period. The contest comes to an end with the client selecting their favorite design and paying the winning freelancer.