Make frustration the catalyst to positive action


I will say this from the onset – I have rarely seen frustration in a disengaged employee, a lazy teammate or incompetent professionals. You know the kind of colleagues I'm referring to.

Frustration can also be interpreted as the unrealized potential of those who are looking for meaning and sense of worth and accomplishment from work. All of us have had those days of exasperation, whether we work independently, own a start-up or go into a cubicle each morning . Remember those days when you feel stifled and all the effort you put in at work seem futile, well it's only human to feel so and everyone undergoes the same moments of disarray.

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The challenge is when we let the negativity fester and do nothing about it. Or do something but it is almost always unproductive – like those endless rants by the coffee machine. You know what I am talking about.

I am no master at dealing with workplace negativity and frustration, but I have realized the hacks to cope and manage them better. Perhaps they will help you too?

Don’t let it fester

By not addressing your feelings or misdirected anger, you are not doing anyone any favours. Take your frustration on a date, talk to it, dig deep and introspect. Find out what is causing it and what you can do about it. Proactively addressing issues and resolving them is a sign of high emotional quotient. It is always useful. Even if the moment has passed, like an argument with your boss where decisions were made that you didn’t agree with, the next time you are in a similar situation you will be prepared to articulate your insights better, or at worst, be better prepared for disappointment.

Build a support system

Believe it or not, you’re not the only one dealing with dealing with frustrations. In isolation, your problems might seem bigger than they really arex. The moment you confide, you find that practically all your peers are in the same boat. This will enable you to either resolve it or laugh it off.

Often, as it works with the way our current workplaces are structured, it was the latter for me in nearly all the organizations, but am I complaining? Hardly. Everything is better with a little sense of humour and the ability to breath deep and let go of things you can’t change or control. And it is much easier to do this when you have company.

Proactively change the situation

Whether it is a dead-end job or being repeatedly undervalued or are just at the wrong place at the wrong time, proactively addressing the reasons for your frustration can help you master the situation.

If your current job bores or demotivates you, frustration will seep in gradually. Of course it takes courage and often months worth of savings, to finally drift away from the flock. But to do so you need to articulate and weigh out the move.

For instance, I knew in mid-2015 that I needed to strike out on my own and try my hand at independent work. But thanks to living in another country, having financial commitments and stringent immigration laws, the move seemed like a pipedream. It wasn't until I made the big relocation back to India, that I actually did something about the decision. But every day was a step in that direction, as I went into work each day, did what I needed to, and saved well before eventually taking the plunge.

Eventually, when it comes to all things work and life, the right way to deal with minor or major irritants is to be productive and inspire positive action.


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