Comfort zone, the cement shoes to your success


“Get out of your comfort zone” is one of the most clichéd statements you may have come across. . I surely understand that “getting out of your comfort zone” seems like a cheesy line from one of Zig Ziglar’s speaking gigs, but the entire premise is rooted in science. There is a deep sense of familiarity and comfort rooted in confining ourselves to a space where we are comfortable.

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When it comes to business, successful people are ready to endure sticky situations to forge their success.

These are the reasons below to get out of your comfort zone:

The most successful people are risk-takers

Taking the road less travelled may, in hindsight, seem risky, hence people with zero vision are wary to tread on it. But history shows us that the chances of success is high when you put yourself out in the world. It forces you to face your fear of failure and helps conquer your vulnerability. Every entrepreneur you've read about or aspired to be, has taken some risk at some point in their lives.

Change is a good thing

Moving to a new city and starting anew is a good example of biding adieu to your comfort zone. It's like the time you were dropped in the deep-end of the pool, you almost drowned but your instincts kicked in and you learned how to swim. Change can be overwhelming and almost crippling, but once you get over the initial hiccups, you will start focusing on how much you have progressed in the journey.

Seeking for challenges

The biggest challenge is to vanquish your lackadaisical take on life aka the comfort zone. Once you breakthrough that wall, you will constantly seek for opportunities that challenge your senses and ability. It is so because you are putting yourself out for everybody to see.

Ease in dealing with new challenges

One of the worst things that you can do is thinking that uncertainty and the fear associated with it doesn’t exist. Take risks in a controlled manner so that the loss is reparable, this will help you to take bigger risks. It forms a belief that you are capable to take on more challenges, emboldening you while facing bigger trials, that you imagined to be impossible to achieve earlier.

Gets the creative juices flowing

It is common understanding that attempting new things, exposing ourselves to new places and experiences changes us in a way that nothing else can. Opening yourself to new experiences help you reflect on the old ideas, the fresh perspective can even lead to a breakthrough. Even a tad uncomfortable situation can make you look at things with a different perspective forcing you to brainstorm and think in different ways.

You learn to think on your feet

The beauty about taking risks is that once you get to work under any circumstance, you will automatically have a “come what may attitude”. An important view which will help you traverse the murky waters of entrepreneurship.

Taking risks helps you grow

With each passing year, our propensity to take risks grows less. We start holding back ourselves from working on that idea or taking up that risky job at a startup, whose founders eventually got an exit and the employees a fat check thanks to the ESOPs. You could have been a part of that. Not taking risks comes at the cost of not being phenomenal or getting a shot at being uber-successful. There is no learning without a little bit of fumbling and failure. This is what would make you grow.

Only when life throws a lot of pressure at unexpected turns do we tend to outperform ourselves. With time you learn how to bear the vicissitudes that life is. You learn to become a badass, a successful one at that. If you never take risks, you will never get a shot at doing what you have always wanted to do.


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