5 simple hacks to a more passionate life and career


Working in the same cubicle month-after-month with little to no excitement can make any individual's life mundane. To get your head back in the game, you need to start feeling the same passion towards your work like you experienced on the very first day of your new job. However, infusing enthusiasm in your life and career is no easy task as it requires you to take some major efforts. In order to start enjoying your work as well as your life, you need to find the same purpose that determined your actions all those months or years ago. Here are five simple hacks to a more passionate life and career.

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Set smaller goals to help you achieve your bigger goals

Start by taking small steps in the direction of your ultimate goal. Before you know it, these small steps will eventually add up to big achievements. When you take one day at a time, you won't be overwhelmed by the amount of things that need to be done. Develop the habit to ask yourself what you can do daily to achieve your bigger goals.

Don't be afraid of failures

Did you try to make a PowerPoint presentation and failed at it miserably? If you tried something once and failed at it, don't give up the thought of doing it again. When you give life one more chance, life gives you one more chance in return to succeed. When you are successful after the first failed attempt, you gain more confidence to achieve bigger things.

Update your resume at regular intervals even if you're not looking for a job

Update your resume every six months because you never know when an unexpected opportunity might come your way and you'll have to share a copy of your resume. Also, it is easier to remember your accomplishments from the past six months, as compared to that of the past six years when you find yourself hunting for a job down the road.

Understand your strengths and weaknesses

When you know your own strengths and weaknesses, you have a better understanding of yourself. You know what skills you need to hone to better your chance at a promotion or to bag a new job. Self-awareness not only helps you at work, but also in life. You can use your best skills in daily life to achieve your ultimate goals with relative ease.

Look out for mentorship

If you want to be a top journalist, the only way to get clarity on how you can go about fulfilling your dreams is by talking to someone who is already at that position. Having a conversation with them will open your mind to new possibilities and opportunities you might not have considered before. Learn not just from their successes, but from their failures too.

When you follow the above mentioned life and career hacks, you'll gain better clarity on your end goals. Soon, you'll start to live a more passionate, productive and vibrant life which will enrich you as a person.