The art of having fun at work


“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first” – Simon Sinek

For your employee to love your company, work has to be made interesting. That work has to be serious is a big myth. In truth it’s the opposite.

Creating a sound and robust workplace culture has been the foundation of today’s startups. Contemporary businessmen and employees are not lured just by salaries, benefits, and designations—what is becoming a driving force for productivity is the promise to meet a fun and fulfilling team.

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A fun workplace allows the free flow of ideas, improved motivation, and a positive environment. No business can survive long with linear thinking; it needs its team to think out of the box and work dedicatedly to achieve the same. Hence, a fun and lively culture is being encouraged across the globe. Here are a few ways to make work fun:

Office décor

Since the team spends most of their day in the office, it should be a place that’s full of life! Office spaces are a reflection of one’s brand. Once in a while, teams can be asked to decorate the office by teaming up. This can help in providing a workspace that’s attractive and fun and yet conducive to productivity.


Trust helps people be more natural, perform 100 percent, keeps them motivated, and increases the sense of empathy. This inculcates a sense of belongingness with the team and makes them comfortable with each other, leading to increased productivity.


Nothing bonds people better than their shared love for food. Team lunches are a common practice in most firms. Taking it a step forward, firms can have cooking competitions and internal food blogs.. Also, fun foods can be made part of rigorous meetings.

Fun days

Design the year’s calendar with monthly fun days like getting your pet to work, getting your family to work, etc. to keep the team excited.


This can prove a very interesting and creative way to master the science of having fun at work. Submissions, review meetings, appraisals, and protocols can be made easier by adding things like points, rewards, etc.


Teams that meditate together bond better. Meditation helps to drop negativity and make the team more dynamic. Also, a spectacle of gratitude and letting go comes along with meditation, making the firm a very supportive and motivated one.

Employees getting bored at work leads to reduced productivity, increased grapevine conversations, and a lack of camaraderie, which is a sure-shot mantra to fail to reach the planned bottom-line numbers. For a business to flourish, making the workplace fun is essential.


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