Indore now has a robot as a traffic cop that is regulating traffic in the city


For the first time in the country, the city of Indore has recently launched for itself, a 'Robocop' to manage traffic in the city. This 14 feet high robot was installed on a pedestal, which was five feet high, and placed near the extremely busy MR9 junction, gathering a lot of attention from the citizens.

Image source: Hindustan Times

The robot directed the traffic on MR 9 and Ring Road at Barfani Dham on Sunday evening. However, the project has received mixed reactions from people.

 Speaking with Indiatimes, Former Inspector General of Police said,

The concept is good. It would make the process error-free, besides it would also ensure issuance of challans to those who violate traffic norms.

The design of this robot cost a sum of Rs 15 lakh and it is all over the social media and news. Despite its magnificence, there were also a few hiccups. A lot of motorists stopped in the middle to look at the mega structure, making the traffic move a little slower, which was again instructed and regulated by the robot.

According to a report by, Hari Narayan Chari, the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) for Indore city said,

It was a successful experiment, and the robot will stay there and manage traffic every day. We also have plans to put up such robots in other squares in Indore.

This robot was able to turn itself at 360 degrees and make hand signals, similar to that of human traffic police. The police department of Indore now wants to induce solar panels inside the machine to reduce its ability to rely on electricity and run automatically with solar power.

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