9 resources to help you level up your T-shaped marketing skills


Recently, a new marketing career growth framework has been introduced. The T-shaped marketing framework has been greatly inspired by Brian Balfour, who writes about how one can become a customer acquisition expert. Here are a few resources that have been helpful in levelling up the different areas of a Buffer T-shaped marketer.

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This framework sees copywriting and storytelling as two different things. In storytelling, people put a narrative together, whereas copywriting is about knowing the right words to express that narrative. While both go hand-in-hand, they are still two distinct skills.

Behavioural psychology

When you are well-versed in behavioural psychology, you can better understand why people do what they do. It is a handy skill in almost any job, even more so in marketing if you want to decode why people click, like, share, and buy.


Research is important in marketing as you need to understand and cater to your customers' needs. Research involves checking with your audience to know their experience, their wishes, and their problems.

Data and analytics

Before you dive into the world of Excel, it's essential for you to have a foundation in the general concept of data and analytics so that you are aware of what makes for good data analysis. When you know what's possible with the data you've gathered, you become a better marketer.

Branding and positioning

Branding is a bigger concept than 'marketing foundation'. Whether or not we actively cultivate them, we all have personal brands. We use our personal branding to position ourselves for new jobs and opportunities. It's a basic concept that transcends marketing.

Design and UX

You can't expect all marketers to be design pros. Instead, while hiring a marketer, you should see if they have a cultivated design eye. If they have good taste and can identify elements of high-quality design, they are good to go.


Copywriting is being able to use the most appropriate words in a short and succinct manner to get your message across. With the help of good copywriting skills, you can pitch your product to your target market with simplicity and ease.


Once you are aware of the principles of design, you should test how far you can get with creating something by yourself. Your marketing team can use Photoshop to create a wireframe easily. You can make use of Sketch and Canva if you want to create a wireframe on your own.


Today, video is a large part of the social media marketing that most companies do. It, therefore, makes sense for you to be well-versed with what it takes to create a compelling video and be confident in front of as well as behind the camera.

Make use of the above-mentioned resources to level up your skills to become a better marketer. Improving these skills is sure to better your marketing experience on the whole.