The Power of Making Commitments


Heading out in the world to make a name for yourself, great! Now if you ask around on how to be a successful professional or an entrepreneur, you'd come across a whole list of qualities and traits that you are asked to strive for. These could be leadership abilities, business sense, strategic insights, work discipline and execution ability, all of these hold their own importance, but another key factor is staying true to your commitments.

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When you look closely at lives of successful people-be it from any walk of life- a common denominator you'd find is the ability to make and honor commitments. Professional commitments are imperative for firms and its is expected of each member to honour his\her commitment, which in turn will lead to a smooth running business operation. Here is what happens when you commit something-

Respect for deadlines

First and foremost, when you give your word to see through a commitment you are expected to finish the said task within a specified time frame. Now, this teaches professionals from walks a sense of accountability and time management.T

Backing ABPs

Annual Business Plans (ABPs) are designed with a viewpoint to stretch the company resources to attain a target, which is set at a level slightly higher than its comfort zone. Now each staff and resource is allocated a set commitment, thus every cog plays a pivotal role in achieving the target and setting the ball rolling for the company's future business prospects.

Clarity about one’s KRAs

KRAs or Key Result Areas are a critical way to get work done in corporates. Clear frames of what to do and what to achieve keeps energy channelized and focus intact. Clarity of what to do often comes by eliminating what not to do.

Clarity about others' KRAs

Business is never a one-man show. It is always a team effort. Hence, it is essential that roles and targets of everyone involved is clearly demarcated. Firms should allow tip-toeing once in awhile, which anyway is a separate discussion.

Work Discipline

What you sow is what you reap. Discipline is more like sowing the seeds. Giving your 100% in honoring your commitments will result in 100% desired output.

While the article stresses on the power of commitments, it also understands that something due to supervening impossibilities it might become difficult to fulfill all of them. But there can't be enough stress laid on giving your sincerest efforts to achieve your obligations. However, if one fails to honor their commitments without a probably cause, it definitely puts blot on ones professional credibility.

Trust to honour commitments becomes an integral part of setting a trend and to be acknowledged as a person of your word goes a long way for your business and professional conduct. Not honing it can have an equally high-level of repercussions.


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