Tools to help you run a lean startup


There are probably a billion things to prioritize while running a startup. While several early-stage entrepreneurs focus on growth and revenue, there are several who look into product development. What to focus on at first and how to do so? With several tools to help organize your thoughts and aid your day-to-day activities, we provide you a comprehensive list of tools to get going.

Understanding the customers' opinion of the company and the market penetration of its product is a key for any startup. comes in handy for customer development surveys, which gives an in-depth analysis of your product and its market fit.

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Lean Canvas

Lean Canvas helps you convey your business model in a visual format. It can be used to experiment and comment on other business models. You also find a network where you can collaborate and tweak your model as well.


Need freelancers for hire, Upwork is the go to site.. Upwork provides a networking dais where clients and freelancers can connect. Whether you are looking for a web developer or content writer, Upwork is your fixer- upper.

If your startup is about building a mobile app, then will be ideal to prototype your app. You needn’t worry about development costs, is easy to learn and you don’t require a designer to use it or even mastery over coding. It is a page-based and for a single project you can have multiple screens.


If you want to find visual designers once you have understood your product’s UX, then Dribbble is the ideal place to visit. Dribbble shows high-design projects with a simple interface.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO helps you in optimization. It does your page analysis, optimizes your page contents, meta descriptions and lots more. Yoast SEO plugin also helps you write good content and increases your rankings. The plugin also automatically inserts meta tags and links elements that show up on search engines.


Hootsuite is an app that helps you manage your social media accounts. Imagine a single platform which enables you to manage campaigns, collaborate with customers and maintain all your social media activities, that's what Hootsuite has on offer. Using Hootsuite will help you save time and its real-time analytics also helps you spot trends. You can also protect your profiles accounts from external threats.


Unassumer helps you understand your customers' preferences and get feedback. The feedback is received through a simple scoring system. Based on the data received it is possible to handle your target market.

Handling a startup is no child’s play and requires a lot of thought and effort. Often it isn’t possible to source talent immediately and also on a full-time basis. Using these smart tools and techniques is definitely more optimal and advisable. So which one would you choose today?


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