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Growth of India’s E-commerce

The 2015 Cisco Visual Networking Index predicted that India, with a projected CAGR of 33%, will be amongst the top 5 countries with the highest IP traffic growth rate between 2014 and . The addressable e-commerce market is expected to grow 15x to reach USD300 billion by 2030 from the current level of USD20 billion. The growth of e-commerce has also helped businesses unlock their potential and achieve higher revenues and profits at lower marketing and distribution costs.

SMEs who invested in e-commerce achieved 51% higher revenues and 49% higher profits on a 7% broader customer base than offline-only SMEs, according to a report by Nathan Inc and FICCI.

Indian businesses therefore cannot afford to remain isolated from their customers, who are increasingly opting to deal with companies that have a web presence, preferably ones with e-commerce capabilities. Having a meaningful online presence needs 4 simple things:

  1. Brainstorming and deciding your domain name!
  2. Picking the right top level domain
  3. Selecting a registrar
  4. Selecting a platform to host on, or building an independent website

Picking a Domain Name Extension – Why .net

“Our website with a .net domain is vital to our success. It is an ideal choice, as it complements our online presence and clearly states that we are an Internet business. It speaks directly to an audience that is online. A recognizable domain name, such as .net, lends credibility to our business and gives large organizations the confidence to reach out to us for gifting ideas and concepts. Our .net website is key to our business growth.”
Vibhuti Mittal, Founder and Director of Cosmogalaxy

With over 15 million registrations, .net has the second largest zone base in the world. It is a globally recognized Top Level Domain (TLD), with .net domain names registered in over 200 countries.

Supported by the same infrastructure and expertise that has powered .com for more than 15 years, .net is recognized around the world as an established and credible place to interact online.

Its lineage awards .net the strength to help businesses start, grow and get their best chance online. With .net, companies can tell the world that their business goes beyond being a regular business and that it is an innovative, reputable and unique endeavor.

Despite being one of the most popular extensions today, there are millions of names still available, which allows companies to choose a domain name that’s just right for them, without having to resort to variations or innovative spellings.

.net – Your Pathway to Success

From a business delivery perspective, the distinction between the .net and .com domains is rapidly blurring. Both domains are used today by all varieties of sites, including and especially business sites.

Thousands of businesses have succeeded with a .net and more start each day to turn their dreams into reality using .net. Almost half (48%) of the .net domains registered in India have e-commerce functionality on their sites.

Some of the best known and credible Indian companies across the business spectrum have further boosted their success with .net domain. The top 500 websites in India list in terms of web traffic includes many companies with .net domain like Onclickads.net, Popads.net, Themeforest.net, Php.net, according to Alexa Internet, a leading commercial web traffic data and analytics firm. Some of . All this bears testimony to the popularity of the domain extension among brands.

From artists to businesses to bloggers, .net is the home to all types of industries and groups. With its wide appeal, .net continues to help businesses begin and grow.

“A .net domain name is globally recognized for communication and information dissemination and is synonymous with the Internet. As a company, we have always been ahead of the curve and a .net domain name as our website address complements this vision. It helps us break away from a cluttered domain name convention and puts us in the company of other like-minded innovators and entrepreneurs.”
Nitin Shakdher, Vice President of Marketing for Talkwalkars Better Value Fitness Ltd.