How fear of success will guarantee failure…or worse


Do you have everything going for you but you still live in a state of constant fear? Are you confounded about how the future will unravel, if so then you need to stop fearing the unknown because this fear will stifle you and lead you to fear success. It is human to submit to fear, but don't be driven by them and make decisions based on what might or might not happen if your fears come true. If you fear success, you'll end up pushing yourself away from it and this will guarantee failure.

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Here are three reasons why the fear of success will spell your doom.

Being overly cautious will feed your paranoia

Being cautious is a favourable trait, but its excessiveness will just add to your stress and consume you. Taking every step with bated breathes will give in to paranoia, forcing in decisions to be taken with a tunneled vision. It is therefore best to give life all you have and let it take its course from there.

Giving in to the trivial

If you're not pursuing your dreams, you'll end up doing something trivial to fill your time. If you give your dreams a shot, you might catapult to success and live a lavish life thereon. However, if you just occupy space with no significant output then you amount to nothing more than paperweight. Chasing your dreams might come across as clichéd, but it's better than to live a life of regret.

Failure is around the corner if you don't act quickly

When you don't take your life in your own hands, you open yourself to failure. You need to start taking action on what is important and not let failure lead you. Stop contemplating about how scary success is, your real concern should be regarding wasting precious time, energy and resources in the fear of the unknown. You need to understand that you're not afraid of success, you're actually scared of the unknown, which may comprise failure as well. This is because failure is guaranteed if you don't act on your ideas. Craft your life the way you want it to play out and the inevitable will be in your favour.

Don't allow the fear of the unknown to halt you in your tracks. Instead, make it a driving force for your actions.


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