5 simple steps to overcome fear and manifest dreams


As a child, were you told that your dreams were unrealistic? Were you never encouraged to have faith in your big dreams? If so, you need to get rid of this mindset to achieve success. You need to make yourself believe that you deserve the joy and success you dream of everyday. Start by asking yourself what's keeping you from following your dreams. Is it the fear of success? If the fear is real, you need to first identify it and then come up with a plan to reduce its relevance in your mind. Get rid of the anxiety that creates negative thoughts in your mind.

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Here are five simple ways to overcome your fear of success.

Try to achieve smaller goals that will lead to the bigger goal

Start by setting a one-year goal that will get you closer to your five-year dream. These mini-goals are milestones that will help you achieve the bigger dream. When you fulfill these milestones, celebrate your accomplishment as you will be a lot closer to the big goal than when you started off. Honoring small victories will strengthen your inner faith and make you more confident.

Ask yourself where you want to be in the next five years

If you're a writer, you must want to author a best-seller or if you're a designer, you might want to open your own boutique. Whatever your dream may be, let it be big enough to be relevant even five years down the line. If it is not something that will consume your life and push you to work harder, your passion for it will fade away as time passes.

Make a chart to map your progress

When you document your progress, you can see how far you've come from where you started. Along with mapping your growth, you should also celebrate each milestone achievement as a victory. Doing this will not only help you build confidence but will also help you get rid of your feeling of worthlessness. When you note down your achievements in a journal, you need to push yourself harder towards your goals.

Break your one-year goal down even further

Take your one-year goal and break it down into 12-month tasks. When you do this, you convert your dreams into a daily reality. You have smaller goals to focus on which makes the one-year goal seem more achievable. If you work diligently, you will be able to see how the dots from each month connect to a year.

Don't be afraid to edit and alter

Your goals are a live document which will require edits to accurately reflect how far you've come. Embrace change and alterations and modify your plan of action to stay on course. If you feel fearful about taking a wrong step, take some time out to evaluate your progress and pick up from where you left off.

Fear and apprehension is a part of life and business. Use the above mentioned techniques to break down your big dreams into smaller, more achievable goals and you'll overcome your fear with ease.