5 ways to overcome a success-blocking mindset


The biggest cause of failure is never getting started on your goals and dreams. Success-blocking mindsets destroy destinies more than anything else. If you blame your personality for your short-comings, you have fallen prey to a success-hindering thought process. This enemy within gradually destroys our relationships, careers, and lives. When we train our minds to focus on the negatives, we prevent ourselves from taking the first vital step towards the future we envision for ourselves.

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Here are five power hacks to help you overcome the underlying voice that says that you can't do what is necessary to experience success in life.

Create a map

You need to map your course if you want to align yourself with your goals. For example, if you are looking at a career-change, you need to map the journey of how you plan to be a success in your chosen field. Will you have to acquire new certifications or is there a gap in your skillset that you will have to fill? Once you know the way forward, refer to your notes as you move through the process of change.

Give your dreams a chance

Start by making a bucket list of all the things you want to achieve. Be it in your career, life, or relationships, include even the more daring dreams to the list. Once you have the list ready, prioritise your dreams in order of importance. The challenge is to not allow your mindset to dictate whether or not a certain dream should be included in the list. Once you dream it, you can achieve it.

Take the first step

Working towards your dreams is unknown territory for you, and you are right to feel scared. However, don't let your fear trap you in your comfort zone. Since you'll be venturing into a new space for the first time, don't allow resistance to hold you back. Focus on the positive aspects rather than the discomfort and keep going. When you take the first step towards your dreams, your dreams will automatically appear closer to you.

Face the hurdles along the way

Nobody said that the path to success is an easy one. There will be challenges thrown your way, but how you overcome those obstacles will reveal the kind of person you are. Start by devising a plan on how you intend to deal with known as well as unknown challenges. You will experience a familiar pattern of self-doubt along the way. Push it to the back of your mind and trudge ahead.

Get a life coach

There will be times when you will feel lost along the way. A professional life coach will serve as a guiding star in difficult times. He or she will not only make you accountable for your actions but will also help you recognise and overcome any roadblocks that you might face. In case you get sidetracked by your success-blocking mindset, your coach will lead you to the right path in no time.

Don't allow pessimism to bog you down as it will take a toll on your health eventually. Make use of the above mentioned hacks to overcome your success-blocking mindset and to realise your full potential.


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