15 Interview Questions to Test If Job Candidates Have High Motivation


The cost of a wrong hire goes beyond the obvious tangible monetary expense, it can question the reputation, worth and even trust of clients. That's why its important employers and HR teams spend endless hours preparing the perfect set of questions to test candidates and the skills they possess. Here is a list of 15 questions to test if your candidates have high motivation. Depending upon the candidate's answers and abilities, you can shift between the given questions to comprehend their skills.

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  • Tell us about any situation where you along with your colleagues came with up with a quick fix to help propel your company's growth.
  • Are there any techniques or processes you discovered in your last job to make your work easier? If so, how did you implement your ideas?
  • Tell us about an idea or a project that was successful primarily based on your efforts.
  • If you realize that the team you're working with lacks motivation, what tactics would you use to keep yourself and fellow co-workers motivated?
  • Has there ever been a situation where you had a positive impact on a colleague?
  • There might be days where your task-list will be lengthy. How will you prioritize?
  • Was there ever a time in your career where you went beyond your manager's expectations in order to get a job done?
  • Tell us about one of the best days and how you dealt with it.
  • Tell me the responsibilities that you flourish with. While you're at it, tell me what you don't like doing at all.
  • Describe the behaviors and actions of your former boss that you responded to most effectively.
  • There may have been times in the past when you felt like your work load was unmanageable. What did you do about it?
  • Did you ever identify and report the shortcomings of a work process at your previous job? If so, what steps did you implement to improve the process?
  • I'd love to know about an instance where you identified an unusual approach for solving a problem.
  • When you fail to achieve your goals or meet a deadline, how do you keep yourself motivated to keep going?
  • What are your long-term career goals?

Once you find out what motivates the candidate, you'll know if your job offer will spur him/her to pursue it. It is for this reason that the right questions can make all the difference in the world.


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