How do you know someone has true leadership skills? Look for these 4 signs


Are you looking for a prodigy who is capable to become the next leader in your organization? While all your employees might have great skills, it's not that difficult to identify the one person whom you can pick to lead the pack. The traits you need identify are humility, fair sense of righteousness, delegation and empathy. A great leader is someone who doesn't hog the limelight and tries to shine the spotlight on other people. Values people over profit-- the wellbeing of employees stands before business that any client can provide.

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If you're still unsure if someone is capable to take up the mantle of a leader, here are four signs you can look out for.

A true leader provides his team members with a purpose

When employees see the meaning behind all their hard work, they tend to become more inclined towards their responsibilities. A true leader is able to provide a sense of purpose to their employees. A real leader should have the ability to develop a sense of belonging in the hearts of all employees, if they he wants the team to succeed in all their endeavors.

A true leader is able to cultivate a healthy work environment

If your employees look forward to coming to work every day, congratulate yourself as you've cultivated a work culture your employees are happy to be a part of. A real leader appreciates those working under them and takes care of their needs. Creates a highly collaborative work environment where people respect one another and there's real teamwork amongst co-workers. When colleagues share the same values and there's constant synergy in the air, you know that you're looking at a true leader.

A true leader encourages continuous learning

When employees are constantly picking new skills, their team's performance increases drastically. A real leader can successfully identify employees' talents and strengths, and encourages them to reach their full potential. Championing a learning spirit within the company and giving employee's growth and development the highest priority is a very desirable trait in a leader.

A true leader encourages open and transparent communication

Transparent and open communication is the simplest way to build a relationship of mutual trust. A leader understands so and keeps employees in the loop about the operations of the company. This nurses a greater responsibility among employees towards helping the company achieve its set goals. It is true that sometimes important information can fall in the hands of competitors, but the advantages of information sharing far outweighs the risks.

The above mentioned leadership practices lead to great outcomes and therefore they are easily identifiable signs of a true leader. As Napoleon once said, "A leader is a dealer in hope".